Beauty, Bananas, Brains?

As I write this, I am trying an experiment. I read an article on various homemade facials. I’ve tried the egg one – worked nicely. Today, I’m trying a mashed banana. Mash it up, apply to face, wait 10-20 minutes and wash it off and it will “moisturize your skin and leave it looking and feeling softer.” I’m about at 5-7 minutes into it and banana is dropping off my face – starting to giggle as I write this – how absurd can I get….

Here’s an article about 20 fascinating facts about bananas. I will let you know if it should be 21, shortly.

About 10-12 minutes into it, it’s getting tight. Smells nice though.

Lost track of time filling out a government form, so maybe a total of 30 minutes. Rinsed – a lot. Skin looks and feels great. Time to feed Ella & Elby, That Cat! Both of them were fascainted, tried to give me a bath.

17 thoughts on “Beauty, Bananas, Brains?

  1. Hmmmm…..this sounds like a plan…though…my sister might question my sanity and the fact we’d be one banana short from the kitchen (she likes that fruit quite a bit)…hehe


  2. I can’t begin to think how it stayed on! – I mean, you can’t have been lying down, or you wouldn’t’ve been able to type … Plastic wrapped yer head? Naah: you would’ve died. You’re not dead, are yer, Huntie?


    • M.R., still alive and moist – grin! Wrapped my hair in towel, mashed up the banana into a paste with a fork, took handfuls and bravely smeared it all over my face – should have done more mashing as clumps of banana fell off – LOL. Works – even the next day, skin still soft…

      P.S. – I took my glasses off before applying… 🙂


  3. Hunt, A banana facial, what will better homes and gardens think of next. I am so sure that Ella & Elby both want to take part in your clean up. I am so glad the gulk didn’t face from your face ontn the keyboard, I don’t know if I understand banana or not. If this works out do I need to by stock in Chiquita Inc.??? Take care, Bill


    • Benze, Ella, the Greythound enjoys bites of banana, while Elby is always curious, but in the end turns up his nose – until I was wearing it on my face – then he inspected me very closely with nose, whiskers and a soft paw or two with a tentative lick. 🙂


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