Ta Dum! 300 Followers

Tonight, January 14, 2013, between here on Word Press and over there on Facebook’s ChasingRabbitHoles.com page, we tip-tilted over to 300 followers! Yessireebob! I wrote about the silliness of tracking stats here and here. Seriously, it can make you nutso. But you do it anyway. As always, there is no apparent rhyme or reason. I do know who was the 300th follower though and he shall remain special until another landmark is reached.

We are now showing 9,462 views. Back in late October, it was 165 followers. You know what did it, right? What is still garnering google hits? Not my blood, sweat and tears, I assure you. Oh, no… Winner take all and still taking, “Champion Bohemian Kickboxer vs. U.S. Marine” posted November 20, 2013 and like Wheaties and Cheerios, still going strong! 313 views… 10 Likes, 18 comments, nine of which I’ll bet are mine in response to yours.

Here’s looking at you, kid:

Well, it is only fair, the Marine should have some clothes on and maybe a little height, eh?

17 thoughts on “Ta Dum! 300 Followers

  1. Hunt, I am so proud of you, you blog is so very good covering so many topic, and the personal aspects I completely why you have grown and grown. Keep up the good work. Take care, Bill


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