My friend, Jayce68 expresses my feelings on relationships between men and women and the shift over the last 50 years. It is not an Afrikaners attitude, but pervasive and trumpeted loudly by various special interests groups. While some of the changes over the past 50 years have been to the good, much of it has been a loss to us, to men, and to society. Thanks for tackling this, Jayce68.


…FB inspired post.

I belong to a group of, mostly Afrikaans, people. One thing you need to know about Afrikaners is that they were brought up very Calvinistically. The woman is beneath the man. Angus Buchan, or Angus Aartappel meaning Angus potato (sic) is a great proclaimer of these old fashioned values – values that I don’t hold with either because it places me beneath a man, and I don’t belong there. I belong next to him. Because just as he has his strengths, do I have mine, and we can fill up the empty spaces that exists in us. They teach that the woman will listen to him, have his supper ready and get her pin money for her efforts. Not quite as bad, but the man has ever been the head of the household, and that’s how it will stay.

These days, however, the boundaries have shifted. Chivalry…

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  1. Hunt, this is what I shared with Jaycee — Jaycee, I came to your blog via an invitation from Hunt. I stand for every word in the caption of that Dr Phil picture, I was raised that way, and I will be that way until I die. I have provided for my family in the best possible way I can, I have and still protect my family, and a leader, and I have taught my child well. She has made me proud every step she has taken. 50 years ago my mom was the breadwinner of my family, it was the model by which I have grown, formed my thoughts, and have lead my life. Mom raised 4 boys, who have all followed the model as express by the Dr. Phil caption, and she had 4 very good reasons to be proud. This is an outstanding post. Thank you, Bill


    • Thanks for sharing with me, Bill. I am sure Jayce68 will like the shout out and feedback. I appreciate the good men this country produces, as well as those in every country around the world.


  2. Thanks for the reblog P 😉
    This is fast becoming a subject very close to my heart – maybe because I’m getting older, but I’m seeing these things much clearer than I did when I was younger…


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