Unexpected Gifts…

I picked up my mail today. There was a card from my friend, Maureen Bernardy. I am pretty sure she never meant for me to publish it, but she flooded my heart with joy. Here’s the card and what she wrote. … Okay, so I have tried to reproduce the card here with no success. The photograph is by Ron Schmidt and the company is Sunrise Greetings – it is of a greyhound, the exact color of Ella, my darling greyhound, sitting on a stack of books with big glasses perched on her nose, her eyes gi-normous and contemplative as she stares at you from her steadfast perch.

Inside the card reads,

“Dear Huntie,

A note to tell you I am in awe of your writing. Period. It is brave, and risky — liberating and powerful. You are not new to this talent. Your tools are sharp, they are fine tuned with use. What’s new is your sharing your soul, and your very real SELF in your Blog. This venue of blogging is meant for you. My respect is off the charts for, not just the content, but for the vulnerability you allow us to see and learn from.

You must be some sort of angel. The good Lord sent Huntie to hold up a mirror up to ourselves, to peer through propped opened windows, and to also be quite still so we can hear whispers.

Thank you for the real work, and real time, that this better than great writing takes.


Wow. How ’bout that?! I was having a tough day and I got that…!

21 thoughts on “Unexpected Gifts…

    • She is awesome – like you’d get an argument from me on that?! As Maggie said when I read it to her – “Whoa, Maureen knocked your socks off into next week!”

      The kindnesses of friends ~ Maureen, you, Rara, and all the others… it makes my heart sing. xxoo HuntMode


    • Isn’t she just?! And she has no idea how wonderful she is – though I keep telling her! Hopefully, she will see our comments here. She is of Irish descent and we’ve a bad habit of brushing aside compliments while our hearts cry out for ’em. Maureen’s heart is brave, true and generous!


  1. Your friend’s note and your reaction to it–both special, both authentic.

    Yours is the second post I’ve read this week about a gift that made all the difference. The first was about a found gift–the package arrived at a troubled time and was forgotten afterward–but was then found at a time when it was simultaneously needed and appreciated.


  2. Beautiful card message! It is true: blogging does make us vulnerable when we let others catch a glimpse of our lives. I am always very paranoid about sharing my life through my writing. I am still too shy to let people who know me personally read my blog. Imagine that!


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