Baby Boom Revisited

Yesterday, I posted a Budweiser commercial and it brought to mind the 1987 movie, Baby Boom. I granted myself the evening off and put on Baby Boom for a happy visit I knew I would be laughing throughout. It makes for a happy change from the State of the Union and the Feds dialing back on stimulus and 200 point market drops.

In truth, for me, the best part starts when Diane Keaton, our charging business woman extraordinaire, cashes in New York and moves to Vermont, buying a 62 acre farm and farmhouse. In quick succession, just about everything goes wrong with the house in the dead of winter. The radiator quits and costs about $6,000; the roof has to be replaced while the stairs are filling up with fast blizzardy snow and then her kitchen water doesn’t come out of the pipe. The local and only plumber who has dealt with the other emergencies investigates the problem and declares it a major one. “Uh oh. Your well has dried up.”

Diane exclaims with relief, “Oh, God, oh good. I thought it was something serious. We can just fill it up because there’s a hose right around the back…”

Climbing out of the well, the plumber begins to laugh. “Fill it up?”
“Whhat?” Diane falters.

“Lady, you’re, you’re out of water… You’re going to have to tap into the county line and that’s three miles down the road…”

She cuts him off, “Mr. Boone, I am almost out of money. I don’t understand these technicalities. Just tell me one thing, okay? Is this going to be expensive?”

Mr. Boone: “Ah yup..”

And, having experienced this same meltdown living on a third of an acre in a small farming town of about 5,500 to 7,000 people in 1996-1997, of which I only caught a glimpse of about 400 of them, I love this scene:

and from there, the possibilities evidenced in the Budweiser commercial cited above begin to happen. It’s great and it is a chick film, gentlemen. However, like the romance novels, watch it with someone you like and you might get to experience the benefits…. Grin.

19 thoughts on “Baby Boom Revisited

    • Actually, based on the scene I detailed you would think that – it was remade as The Money Pit, but in fact, this one is about a young career woman who “inherits” the baby of a distant cousin killed in a traffic accident. She has no intention of giving up anything and yet her life goes a bit out of her control and she ends up in Vermont where that is just one of the scenes. It is a charming film.

      I’ve noted down your recommendation M.R. As a former real estate agent, The Money Pit was quite funny and all too real. πŸ™‚


  1. I am not usually one for “chick flicks” but I liked this one from the get go. And everytime I watch it, I still like it. I like her moxey and her vulnerability. I have actually chosen to watch this movie ahead of other ones on the tube! I was thinking of this movie a couple of weeks ago. And that reminds me, I want to move to Vermont!!!!


    • Kanzen, I loved the idea of living in the country. It takes strength and perseverance. I remember working my butt off gardening on that 1/3 acre – my forearms were buff! There came a point though where I wanted to dig a simple trench, not deep, to lay a wire down. I just bounced up and down on the shovel. Didn’t even make a dent in the dirt….


      • HaHa! I lived in the mountains in NC in a commune back in the day of communes – gardening by hand, milking cows and goats and making butter and cheese (I had learned to do that as a child!), repairing fences, raising chickens – we had an ostentation of peacocks….chopping wood to dry up for the winter and cooking on a woodstove (I was the only one who actually knew how to that), it was a grand glorious time. We actually pumped our water from this wonder “crick” and it was so cold, we had a “apring room” where we had a trough set up to keep things like butter, milk, and eggs cold. I was a lean mean 88 pounds, all muscle. buff baby, buff! Now at this age, all this time later, I would love to live in the country and have some handsome young buff man dig the holes for me.


  2. Hunt, Darn I didn’t get an invitation to watch it with you, oh well, this isn’t the only time I haven’t got the invite LOL. I am glad you took a night off, and relaxed and provided this insight. Please take care, Bill


  3. I enjoy all those 80’s movies and I just watched Baby Boom on demand the other week too!!!! I mean, hooking up with a veterinarian is pretty cool!!!! πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful Thursday!!!! Hugs


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