23 thoughts on “Puppy, Clydesdale Horses, Romance & Budweiser – Will make you smile!

  1. Ain’t it a shame that it’s an ad for alcohol, Huntie? – this is a very sensitive topic in Sydney, right now … But I agree that it’s a marvellous video!


  2. Hunt, I have enjoyed the Bud commercials for years, and will continue to, and I don’t even like Bud. But the commercials are a pure joy. The key is that the Bud commercials seem to always promote the greater good, be it friendship or loyalty, love. The consumption of alcohol has been under attack from many directions for years now. Some of these attacks are quite reasonable, MADD is a good example. The only places I have been where it is common for bars to be open beyond 2am is in Vegas and Reno. After all that rambling, the fact is that is a great commercial. Take care, Bill


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