Praying for a Friend

One of my best readers and commentors is Bill Hamilton of Dealing with COPD. He was concerned yesterday about maybe getting pneumonia and said he would call and/or see his doctor today. On his site, he has posted an update that he has been hospitalized for an exacerbation, which is a serious word in COPD, in this case, pneumonia.

Would you join me in wishing Bill a speedy recovery and say a prayer. Two or more together have more strength than one. Wouldn’t this be great:

47 thoughts on “Praying for a Friend

  1. To Bill, From us in the interweb of family who are touched by his words, hear his wisdom, see his kindness, smell the genuine affection for living, and taste joy at the banquet of his prose! Get well and be well!


  2. Bowing my head in prayer now…Dear Lord, Please be with Bill and bless and fill his lungs and body with health and healing today…Thank you for blessing me with such wonderful and loving blogging friends…Amen…


  3. My dad just died of pneumonia. He had a form of COPD called pulmonary fibrosis. It is so dangerous for persons afflicted with COPD to get this infection. I will add him to my prayers for healing.


  4. I haven’t chatted a lot with Bill… I think I missed him at C4C, but I stopped by and left a comment at his blog, especially since I remember my father doing infusion treatments.

    Here’s wishing a speedy recovery for Bill, and anyone that asks me for prayers, it is already done. I didn’t get his name in the prayer rolls at our local temple yesterday but I will on a future visit.


  5. hunt, your photos in the post were very inspirational and I’ve put up another post of mine from Flickr about the candle in the window that Cimmy has left for me, for many years. I dedicated it to Bill, another good friend of mine dealing with T-cell lymphoma, and another blogging friend. Look for the post “Candle in the window”.


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