Another Nap, Another Day

maggie girls 2-14-14

These are the same lovely ladies found in Afternoon Naps . One of my commenters, M.R., had wondered aloud if the order ever changed. We have our answer, Houston. Yes. Why yes, they do. This time the order is as follows per Maggie, who sends these updates to me :):

Lori the foster, QT, Snappy.
They posed themselves.
Lori was last on, which means QT left her a spot.

13 thoughts on “Another Nap, Another Day

    • Yes, it is. Do you see the tear? Maggie got a new couch, but kept this for the babies. She puts one of those nasty plastic knobby covers on the couch when she is not sitting on it. Works a treat – too uncomfortable for the babies. Grin.


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