Amtrak – Writer in Residence – Come on!

Amtrak, here in the USA, is offering 24 Writer in Residence trips. If you are a winner, you choose your trip – a 3-5 day round-trip with sleeper accommodations. Just you, the scenery, your pen or laptop and the entire country to choose from in the Continental U.S.A. Come on!

Forgive me, I cannot help myself, All Writers All Aboard! Here’s the link, which has official rules and one of the easiest applications I’ve ever seen.

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Bottom: Live Travel Mountains

28 thoughts on “Amtrak – Writer in Residence – Come on!

  1. Hunt, By now I am sure you have submitted a half dozen contest forms, I hope you win, What a joy it would be to read those stories. Take care and good luck. Bill


  2. If I wan’t busy saving America and working on conservative campaigns I’d jump into the mix. But, for now all my writing is FB, email and the Letter to the Editor variety. I tell you this Huntie, our trip aboard Amtrak’s Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle was 100% superb. Would do that again in a heartbeat. I had books to read, and didn’t open one. In daylight, just transfixed looking out the windows. During meals and and when dark outside, had precious conversations with people from all over America and the globe. Everyone should take a long train trip. Winning a Writing Contest? Even better.


  3. Oh, I so wish I could win this, but alas as a Canadian Am-Trak doesn’t come here! Good luck with your application!
    It has been a longtime wish of mine to travel across the country by train with a sleeping compartment.


    • Couldn’t you just cross our border in the USA and catch it from there? Flexibility – bend your knees and jump for it, Benze! Do the rules limit it to USA citizens or just that you have to be in the US to take one of the trains?


      • Taken from their Terms & Conditions: Who Can Apply: Legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 years of age older (or the age of majority in the jurisdiction of their residence, whichever is older), as of the date of submission of Application. (Applications will NOT be accepted from persons who are legal residents of Alaska or Hawaii.) In addition, employees of Amtrak (โ€œSponsorโ€) and its agencies CANNOT apply.
        I hope you win!


  4. Seems like a very interesting opportunity. It’s not in my league that I can tell, but I’m interested to see what you come up with… more so if you win, of course ๐Ÿ™‚


      • No one to tend the kids. Lack of funds (we still have to travel to a terminal. We still have to buy food, etc.)

        3-5 day round trip means it’s got to be during spring break or summer break. If the sleeper cars don’t have electrical outlets– things are right out. I need my C-PAP machine. I can’t sleep very well in a moving vehicle.

        Shall I go on? I really didn’t want to sound like a Debbie Downer, honest. I wanted to just be happy for you and an opportunity you’re excited about. Many days right now, I can’t go long even just sitting at the computer before I need to lie down, because of the pain.

        *facepalm* I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I’m really bad at putting a happy face on and not complaining.


        • Jak, because you are always supportive, I forget how much pain you deal with on a daily basis. My fault. I was actually excited for everybody to have an opportunity, which is why I put it out there. I thought you were being too modest. Best ~ HuntMode


          • I know, Huntie. It’s okay. I got that you were wanting to share an exciting opportunity. It’s a good promotion– Amtrak gets some good publicity for fairly cheap.

            Even before all the pain, I found I just don’t sleep well in a moving vehicle. This is why Cimmy has me drive; not that she sleeps soundly, but she will nap ’til we get home.

            The stim procedure could change things. We’ll see. I met with the pain doc again and it turns out that rescheduling wasn’t a problem, even though the triage nurse said differently, e.g., I can still move forward with the procedure anytime. Both she and the receptionist need to get their act together; this is not the first communication problem I’ve had with the office staff. Hopefully this young doctor (I think he might be a little younger than me, actually) will train them a little better.


    • E.G., wouldn’t that be lovely! Better yet, stopping in N.Y. and having a cup of coffee or a cocktail! OR, OR, that marvelous deli I’ve so much about – I know exactly what I want, too. A roast beef sandwich on rye with extra mayo (Helman’s) and the crispiest of lettuce. And a kosher dill pickle. Yeah!


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