Birthday ~ Mine!

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I love birthdays. Mine, yours, mine, mine, mine. They are all good, but mine is better. I went searching for an image of my favorite type of cake. Gawd. There are a lot of images out there. Mine is found on Duncan Hines Chocolate Cake boxes. Yep. Plain and boring, to the despair of my ***** star chef friends. One friend in Los Angeles, Theresa, makes a seven layer chocolate cake with a pound of Godiva Chocolate and a bottle of Grand Marnier. It broke her heart when I insisted on Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker, but there you have it. She loved me and gave me what I wanted. Grin.

That’s what birth days are all about. My birthday, my way. And for my birthday wish….

47 thoughts on “Birthday ~ Mine!

  1. Not sure in re datelines whether wishing you
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUNTIE !!! – and many more to come …
    reaches you on the right day …
    The sentiments apply, regardless ! πŸ™‚


  2. Hunt, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Huntie, Happy Birthday to YOU! ! ! ! That is as close to singing as you will get me. The no frills Chocolate on Chocolate with the not so over the top with sweet icing is also my favorite cake. I do so hoe that you got all the candles out with one breath, and get your wish. Please take care, enjoy the day and know all your friends are smiling at you. Take care, Bill


  3. Hone appy birthday, Hunt! Happy cause you sound so perky these past days.
    My mother was a great cook, baker etc. but she also liked Duncan Hines. I like scratch cake but I love Duncan Hines. Your choice, your way. You know how to do it right. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    • Tess! Come have some! One of my friends stopped by – Ms. Maureen of Federal Way – with a plateful of homemade chocolate chip cookies AND a box of Duncan Hines Chocolate Cake with a can of Chocolate Frosting!!! Bless her heart, she thought I might end up with five chocolate cakes (this is a bad thing?) – grin!


    • Two “Ls” and two “Ms” ~ all absolute necessary ingredients in a birthday celebration – thank you, Professor! Actually, I have a Citizens Academy with the Federal Way Police tonight and we’ll be hearing from the SWAT Team and getting inside their vehicle…. I was going to ditch it, but heavens, who can miss the SWAT team, eh? Hopefully, they won’t get called out tonight, as they did last week when they were on the schedule!


  4. Happy happy to you! You can’t beat ol’ Duncan or Betty. I just lit a candle for you, sneezed 3 times, blew out the candle and wished for you a year of health, happiness, joy, wonder, amazement, love and many many more to come. Mazel tov!!


  5. May it be a happy, happy day and a year filled with way more good than bad P!!
    all the best wishes i have go to you – hope they reach you in time πŸ˜‰
    Happy birthday!!!
    This tune started playing as soon as I typed my last exclamation mark – thought it would be a not bad b day gift πŸ˜‰


    • Ah, J, perfect! I shall play it again this evening after class, cozily escounced at home with the lights low, candles lit, and a mini-martini of Stoli to raise to you!


  6. Hi Chickie, You certainly celebrate life! Your Birthday may make the evening news, great promotion is awesome! Prayers and best wishes for every good thing to happen that you desire this year.
    Your prayers are my prayers. We are homies. πŸ™‚


    • Yes, indeed, we are, Ms. Maureen of FW! Thank you so much for the heaped high with chocolate chip cookies plate AND my favorite box of Duncan Hines cake and a can of frosting! YES!


    • Eric! So glad to see you and thank you for the birthday wishes. I saw a couple of “blog comments” you got caught up in – shesh! You deserve better, especially as you are so thoughtful in your commentary.


  7. Ouch, sorry I missed this…!

    March is VERY heavy on birthdays for both sides of my family. First my mother-in-laws on the 8th, then second younger sister on St. Paddy’s, then Cimmorene, then my first younger sister on the 25th, and finally my son on the 29th. Even then I sense maybe I’m forgetting someone.

    By the way, box cake mixes are AWESOME! Your four-star chef friends can pike it, because I find that fancier cakes, starting with the grocery bakery cakes, are MUCH too laden with sickeningly sweet frosting in thick layers. Cimmorene has always been delightfully creative with box cakes, although, for my son, she had to make from scratch (except the frosting) and she did pretty great even though she didn’t have cake flour. The texture was off but she’d compensated best she could. End of the month lack of funds and all that.


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