Notes to Myself ~ March 19, 2014

Once upon a time, I gave myself the liberty to clear up some likely confusion caused by my posting, such as here.

I’m sitting here, having had a pretty relaxed day, swaying in time to the tunes emanating from my Pandora selection of “Bobby Darin,” and experiencing flashing memories as each tune comes and goes. Two, in fact, have brought “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” to mind: Danke Schoen and Twist and Shout. I heard the originals today and instantly could see Ferris on that float!

My birthday week so far has been filled with delightful and surprising moments. I was spoiled silly by all of you and ate it up like a cat with catnip, rolling and batting the mouse all round! My brother, knowing how much it means to me, began with Sunday, calling to wish me a happy birthday. Mind you, he hates the phone, but he thought he might be out of the country and didn’t want to glitch it, so he called Sunday, Monday, and he emailed last night – twice. He had tried sending me an e-card, but the sites were busy or had changed their setup and he had no patience to sort it out, so he called. HUGE GRIN. I love being spoiled.

St. Pat’s started off and continued, amazingly enough, in sheer utter joy. Joy at being alive, at having a sense of being safe from all bad things, this deep humming sense of serenity in my bones – the stuff you dream of when you begin mediating and so rarely get to experience at the bone level. I realized on going to bed last night that that was my true birthday wish, to have more days like the St. Pat’s one.

A giggle here – I was swapping exchanges with Kanzen of Kanzen Sakura. An amazing woman who writes haiku and tells the most fabulous stories. Here, she combines both in a way that makes me want instantly to board a plane and go sit with her on her famous backporch in the moonlight.

It began with a comment on an Irish dish she’d written on and somehow reached what I’d be doing on my birthday night. We had progressed from commenting on the dish to discussing “quickles,” to my “eating imaginary cake before class – SWAT Team tonight!” …. Somehow, Kanzen, God bless her, translated that as my being a member of SWAT…

After picking myself up off the floor from laughing so hard, I explained it was a class put on by our Federal Way Police Department, entitled Citizens Academy and it introduces all the departments and what they do and why they do what they do to any citizen willing to spend 10 weeks – 2 hours a night once a week. It is a fantastic insight into what goes into protecting us, our neighborhoods, and our city. Last night, I was tempted to ditch it and treat myself to a special dinner. I checked with the class leader to see what was up. The SWAT Team was to present – mind, last week, they got called out, so it was on board for my birthday night. Well… how could I miss seeing and hearing about the SWAT Team?! We got to examine their equipment, hear about their tactics, climb up inside their special vans and see things! Plus, I got my picture taken handling some piece of equipment. Probably not as cool as this one taken at my friends Laura and Dave’s place:

Peg - full gear Much more impressive when you click to enlarge – I am in there somewhere!

24 thoughts on “Notes to Myself ~ March 19, 2014

  1. I’m so glad you’re having a great birthday week! It’s hard to find you under all that equipment in the pic. I love taking classes like the one you were speaking about – it’s interesting to know what goes around us without us even knowing.


    • Always good to have the right equipment, but I hold firm to the idea I’ve got to be able to move with it. Reminds me of when I jumped out of a plane. I landed well, but sort of toppled over and then just rocked in place liked a stranded turtle… grin.


      • You had me chuckling at rocking in place like a stranded turtle! Wow, you are very brave – to jump out of a plane! I hate flying, but I would never jump out of a perfect good plane!


        • You will love the article I wrote about it then, Benze. I think the title was something like, “32 Seconds from Jump to Splat”…grin. Aye, I was verra brave right up to the point we boarded the plane and then I wondered if I’d lost my marbles…


  2. Glad you were spoiled P πŸ˜‰
    Those jackets and things are HEAVY!!
    May a LOT more good days roll around would be my wish for you – now and always πŸ™‚


  3. Hunt, I am glad your birthday was special on many levels, and I love the picture of you in full SWAT gear, I can only imagine how heavy that is, probably doubles your weight. Please take care, Bill

    PS i will do my assigned reading


  4. When was your birthday again? Cimmorene’s was the 20th.

    March is such an onslaught of birthdays for my family– my mother-in-law, younger sister #2, Cimmorene, younger sister #1, and my son, in that order respectively. So I apologize if I missed you previously mentioning your birthday.


      • Actually, not quite… Cimmy is right on the cusp of Pisces and Ares at March 20th. Younger sister #1 on the 25th and son on the 29th are squarely in Ares for their sun signs. Only mother-in-law (March 8) and younger sister #2 (March 17, St. Patrick’s Day) are within the sun sign for Pisces.

        If you reference back to the Chinese zodiac, which references year, day, hour instead of positions of sun, moon, Mars and Venus in the constellations as the Greco-Roman zodiac does, then things get even more complicated. I personally favor it as the system, which includes feng shui, is much more comprehensive.


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