Who’s that knocking on the door?

Daily Prompt challenge: Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?

I hold a very strong opinion on this one. I believe in fate, destiny and free choice. The latter allows us no excuse, full responsibility for who we are, what we do, and what we choose to make of ourselves, our circumstances, our lives. The former presents opportunities to us. We can choose to go with the flow, swim upstream against the current, butt our heads against walls and ceilings, obstacles. Our choice. Our time to invest.

I was an astrologer for a time. A good one. Any good computer program can cast a chart for you, but the forecast will be filled with contradictions because a computer cannot synthesize the type of data laid out in a chart. One planet is doing this, another that, and they can be in complete conflict with one another. A good astrologer is able to synthesize the data and present it in ways the client can gain clarity on a particular problem or challenge he or she is facing. My own astrology teacher put it this way, “Astrology can be likened to walking down a road. You come to a fork in the road. Your natural inclination is to go to the left, but if you knew what was on the right, you might prefer to go right.”

Do I believe astrology holds all the answers? No. It is only a guide, a device for bringing clarity to a situation.

Mind, I know astrology brings out the craziness in people, those for and against it. For me, it was always a tool of analysis, not the end all, be all. What I found though as a professional astrologer was that people took it very seriously. I was good enough that some people wouldn’t leave their houses unless I said it was okay to do so. Not good. I don’t mind being the right hand to God, but being God? Oh no. Bad for you and very, very bad for me. So, I quit. It helped a great deal that at the time my own chart was telling me stuff I didn’t want to hear and so, when I refused to pay attention, my life blew up in my face and I got busy taking care of my own life, rather than others. It also taught me to never have yourself as a client…

I believe in our ability to change. Is it easy? No. It can entail some very hard work and unflinching examination of ourselves. It takes time to effect change in circumstance, belief systems, but it can be and is done every day. You have to want it bad enough to face the fear of change head on and keep moving forward.

34 thoughts on “Who’s that knocking on the door?

  1. I understand and I like that we are on a path but have the ability to make choices. Choice is also a responsibility and a gift. I like to think I made right choices because I’m happy with my life and where I am today. πŸ™‚


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  3. I too believe we have a choice and I also believe in a universe ordered by God. and amazing thing – He gives us choice and loves us in spite of the choices we make. Tomorrow I am choosing to make a good day. It’s supposed to be sunny and I can’t resist a sunny day under a bluebird egg sky.


    • I love that He does gives us choice and, as you say, “loves us in spite of the choices we make.” I am trying for that balance between waiting on God and making something happen. I find a keen joy in seeing miracles every day.


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  10. Hunt, we have share a minute or 12 talking about this subject. And I am as confused as ever. I believe that for the most part our paths have been chosen for us. But along the way you do have choices you are sometimes forced to make, and those changes impact the path you follow. I look back on my life and I find it hard to say I would make changes to the path I have followed. Because each step impacts the next, and if you don’t take a step you might miss something very important to you, that you don’t even know about when the choice is made. Then you couple that with the aspects of your life you get no choice in at all. LOL I am a mess. Take care, Bill


    • I think the view changes depending on how much you end up liking yourself, as much as your choices. A lot of mine could have been wiser, but I learned so much from them that I would not trade those experiences for better choices. I think you and I are in the same camp, Bill. Though, of course, you may have made much better choices than I. Grin.


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  12. I’m not sure what I believe anymore, but I’m kind of leaning (or is it wishful thinking) towards the belief that you keep coming back until you learn all the lessons you need to learn. I think every person has the capacity to grow – some choose to strive in this direction & others take the easy route & cop out by just saying that’s the way I am. I have grown a lot through the years I have spent here & I hope I continue to grow more!


    • For many of us, Benze, hopefully, you do get to come on back until you get all the lessons. I remember conducting an unofficial poll, asking people, “If you knew you would come back instead of going to Hell, would you still try to do everything right, morally?”

      Overwhelmingly, the answer was, “No, I’d go all out and break every rule.” … things that make you say hmmm….. For me, there are no guarantees, and I’d rather face God and be able to look Him in the eye and say, “I left your planet better off than before.”


      • See, for me, I consider treating others fairly & kindly a lesson I must have learned somewhere along the line because it’s a “given.” Knowing I might be able to come back would not cause me to act badly in any way because I would not want to come back as a cockroach or something else nasty. I aspire to keep coming back as a better being each time as each life teaches me what I need to know. Somewhere, in there though, I also believe in God.


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