Gosnell who?

I woke from a bad dream around 5:00 a.m. Unable to go back to sleep, I got up, hit the button on the coffee pot, fed the cat and the dog, and turned on The Bill Bennett Show, which can be found here.

I enjoy Bill’s show. He’s quiet, thoughtful and measured. But since it runs from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Pacific time, I don’t often catch it in real time.

Kermit Gosnell came up as the subject of an interview Bill did with a couple who want to produce a movie about this man, whose trial began March 18, 2013. He was found guilty and sentenced in May 2013 to three consecutive life terms. Kermit Gosnell’s crimes are horrific. I wrote about the trial and the lack of coverage here.

The same couple who produced “FrackNation” now wish to raise funds to produce a movie about this man described as perhaps the greatest serial killer of all time. It is a tough topic. You can read about the project here. They have 43 days to raise their target. If they do not succeed, the money is returned to the donor. Here is how the press covered the most notorious serial killer’s trial:

Oh, and by the way, last day to sign up for Obamacare.

15 thoughts on “Gosnell who?

      • Yeah, I got quotes for two different plans, both of them around $400 a month, no cheaper than regular priced healthcare. Keep in mind I haven’t been to the dr in 11 years…


        • Jamie, you may already know this, if so, bear with me: it isn’t so much the monthly premium, as it is the deductible – that can be extraordinarily high and, from what I read, you pay that all upfront before the insurance starts kicking in.


          • Yeah, the deductibles I got quotes for we’re high also. They are giving self employed people an extra year at least, but still, I’m not going to be any better off a year from now.

            That, and I just don’t care that much about health insurance. I know every time a say that some one comes up with some big reason to have it…


            • Jamie, re being self-employed and the delay of a year from now – please watch this. It depends on how you file your taxes. Most true self-employed have to file quarterly and they pay in advance, so they are now paying for 2014, not in a year. Just a heads up. Best ~ HuntMode


  1. Hunt, Sorry you awoke so suddenly, and from a bad dream. I remember your post, and we shared a couple comments on it. But I don’t understand the need to make it a movie. Maybe I am the feeble one here but what could be gained, who would serve, There are already enough fiction movies that are equally horrible as this reality. I would rather be able to walk out of a theater knowing it was fiction, than understanding it was reality.

    Please take care, Bill


    • Ah, ordinarily, I’d be with you, Bill, EXCEPT the news media didn’t cover it until almost the very end. Most Americans have no idea who Gosnell is or what he did for over 20 years, despite numerous reports – not one visitation to his clinic and two women died, many more had to go to hospitals.

      Abortion is a tough, tough topic. It is highly emotional, very personal and very, very popular. Too often, it cannot be discussed, and it is very political. Gosnell’s clinic was a charnel house. Planned Parenthood is a very powerful lobbying group; it helps to hear the other side, no matter how ugly. If the news won’t report, then it is time to get the word out in other ways.


  2. Waking up from a bad dream to this and then remembering about Nobama Nocare. Sometimes the scary don’t stop. it ain’t affordable. A waking nightmare. You take care Huntie. Last night out on my back steps, I watched as several deer traveled through the yard down to the crick for a drink. Made me peaceful.


  3. Hunt, You could not be more correct, abortion is a tough issue, for some but not me. It is the woman’s body, it is her choice. I have lived by that my entire life, and I have always taken that stand in every conversation I have had as an adult, If the conversation turned to an argument, then I was as loud and nasty as I had to be to defend that position.

    Gosnell is a criminal, the fact that it wasn’t in the news on a daily basis is more an indictment on our nations press, on what the press (or the owners) of the press think is important. We are both smart enough to know that this didn’t get the press it deserved because the issue is so volatile, and the press want no part of any volatile unless they can control it and the outcome. Which in this case they couldn’t. They could only present the facts with their slant on it, and that wasn’t enough to bring in the commercial dollars. In the last few years I have become so cynical regarding the news. And when it is very important to me I need to see 9 different sources so I can put my BS meter to work, and see if I can make any sense in it. I have run my mouth much longer than I anticipated on this. Sorry, Take care, Bill


  4. I found out about Gosnell by way of Mark Armstrong Illustration (another blogger here at WordPress). His crimes are indeed horrific; I think he gave me some insight as to why the news media balked at reporting things.

    Interestingly enough, I was talking with a long-time Internet friend about the topic of abortion and how she had been studying and debating Roe v Wade and Pennyslvania v Chase (she’s a criminal law student)… it is indeed a very complicated issue, but I appreciated getting more insight on how those cases unfolded the way that they did.


    • Yep, Jak, it’s a tough and touchy topic, but in this instance, I’m not sure I could stand to meet a person who would think Gosnell just stepped a tad over the line… I would not trust my reaction.


      • I want to think most people who are pro-choice deplore the conditions Gosnell worked in. In fact, I seem to remember the scant media I read said that most would deplore Gosnell equally, but would still use it as proof that their cause was just (abortion never acceptable vs. abortion must be safe, clean, and humane as possible).

        I was glad to learn more about the court precedents about this issue from my friend– I think anyone who wishes to express an opinion on the topic has a burden of responsibility to be informed. Otherwise, I think the bone to be picked, so to speak, has already been scraped clean of meat and marrow alike.


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