12 thoughts on “Get off the bed! Right Now!

    • Kanzen, well, of course, Ella is! (how could I say else?) I was tickled to see this because greyhounds, as a rule, don’t bark. Ella barks – took me a while to realize she growls when she’s happy and barks when she is REALLY happy! I thought her wiring got a wee bit crossed, but here’s another one! And, did you catch that last tiny moment – that’s a greyhound grin!


      • I was just amazed at the powerful speed of light spins. The barking made me laugh in pure glee and I did catch that grin. Eddie, the brindle I met awhile back, did an odd throaty gurgle. I was told he did that when he was talking to people he liked. 🙂


    • Paulette, every morning, at 3:00 p.m. and progressively up to 5:00 (dinner itme), she sings and her tail is a helicopter. When I come home, even if it’s been five minutes, head to toe inspection, stands in the doorway of the bathroom and barks and barks (oops – singing). I call her the loudy dog!


      • Aww, a loudy dog after my own heart. I just love all their antics and how they communicate. It’s endless entertainment, except in the middle of the night, lol! So interesting how we tolerate so much in our fur babies and were a significant other to do anything resembling some of the things it’s exile to the next room. It’s as if dogs (& other animals) exist to keep our hearts open and sanity intact.

        Happy day to my my sweet friend. and, please Ella a good girl rubbie from me. ❤


        • And from us to you and yours, Paulette! You are so right about how tolerant we are with our “kids,” and not so much with the human factor – grin – definitely has to do with the outpouring of love, I think!


  1. Hunt, that would be way to enjoyable to watch 1st hand, I would be laughing and giggling, I would surely mess myself. And that spinning. what in the world is going thru her mind. Thank you for the giggle feast this morning. Take care, Bill


    • Imagine 5 of ’em, at my friend Maggie’s house, all doing it at the same time and then, they get into roo chorusing – oh my word, Bill – you would be on the floor laughing and holding your ears – well, no, you would be joining in as we do in rooing at the top of our lungs just to get ’em started. Hilarious!


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