Happy Easter and Passover, Everyone!

I realize afresh how much I have to be thankful for. Friends from out of town are coming in today. I’ve known this particular friend, Nori, from the time we were 16 and met at McDonald’s. That’s a friendship of 43 years, guys. I woke this morning full of self-doubt. Would they like my home? Would it be clean enough, tidy enough? I had to talk myself through about four hours of feeling like a child awaiting inspection. And, these are friends of mine! Good God! What we do to ourselves!

The realization I came to was that all my friends have thought I was odd over the years. And, in truth, I have been and probably still am. But, see, you live long enough and you find out who was right…. They’ve come over to my side of the equation of what’s important and what’s not. Ya just have to live long enough if you’re ahead of the crowd.

The kicker was a memory of Nori. I was thinking what I loved about Nori and why we have remained such steadfast friends. Instantly, I heard her voice speaking to me from long ago when I was scared and hurt because a group of “spiritual” women had ganged up on me and told me everything I was and did was wrong. I was trying to see their viewpoint and Nori said, softly, dangerously, “If you go back there, I will break your arm.” That’s why I love my Nori.

She already knows I am a lousy housekeeper and her dear husband, Bill, won’t care. He’ll laugh that crazy Mozart (the film’s Mozart) laugh of his, speak softly and enjoy his day. Nori and Bill want to take me to dinner and Nori insisted on doing the research. She found a restaurant up the hill from me that I’ve always eyeballed, but never been to (this is without any input from me). We go tonight at 6:00 p.m. We will have a splendid time. And, in between, we’ll sit outside on my patio and I shall let Ella & Elby, That Cat! do all the work of charming. Yes! I am blessed and I am a very wealthy woman in every area of my life, especially in my friends. Thank you, all of you.

Happy Easter and Passover. Love ~ Huntie

26 thoughts on “Happy Easter and Passover, Everyone!

    • As always, Col, you make me laugh, this time at myself and the women and the times. While I took my purpose seriously, I hope I never took myself as seriously as these women did. As it is said, “God forbid!” I remember sitting in that group and praying to God, “please, please help me.” And, the most amazing thing, Col, instantaneously a stillness, a peace came over me that all was well. Honestly, it is rare such an instantaneous answer to my fervent plea. Please be sure to scroll down to my “All of you above” comment before leaving. xxoo Huntie


    • Dear Maggie, and of course, I did. All my doubts and fears were of my own making… Thank you for your loving message. Please be sure to scroll down to my “All of you above” comment before leaving. xxoo Huntie


  1. How wonderful to find out that I am not the only lousy housekeeper in the world. I try, lord knows I try…You know, I think I know about the timeframe those “spiritual” women ganged up on you. Seems there was a lot of getting to the essence of being a free woman and goddess worship and such and if you didn’t fall into line with them, like most fanatics, they took your scalp. I remember going to one of those get togethers with a friend. At some point, we both ho hummed, looked at each other, shared a joint away from the group, went back, and stood on our heads and wagged our feet and sang, from South Pacific, there is nothing like a dame…my goodness, we didn’t make it very far in the song before we were thrown out. All these years later, we still heehaw with laughter…And Huntie dear, we are the ones who are blessed by you.


    • Ah, Kanzen, you are the keeper of my heart, dear one. Would you had been with me to stand on our heads and sing from South Pacific – what a joyous memory that would be and must be for you and your bud. Be sure to read my response to Col, as well as below to my “All of you above” comment before leaving. xxoo Huntie


  2. Hunt, It doesnt surprise me in the least that you have a friendship that has stood the test of time, and has lasted for 43 years. And your right Bill won’t care what the place looks like and Nori is your buddy and she loves you so she won’t care. But I know you have fretted and will continue to now and well after the visit is over. Just relax and enjoy. Happy Easter to you. Take care, Bill


    • Ah, Bill, you are correct as always, except… I told them of my worries, fretting and concern and my conclusions – they both laughed and loved me. Dinner was fabulous. Perhaps pictures tomorrow – Nori is a documentary kind of a artist and it was lovely. Please be sure to scroll down to my “All of you above” comment before leaving. xxoo Huntie


  3. To All of you above: I will respond individually, but I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to your faith in me and in my friends. Your love and kindness and sheer faith in me and my choice in frineds – that they wouldn’t care a snap for my home, just my heart was so accurate, so loving and kind and perspicacious. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With a full heart, Hunt


  4. How anyone could be concerned about your home when they are in the company of a jewel…but of course you had a great time and the friends were true friends. That is always my fear…that my plain little house and some cobwebs and piles of books will make people run away screaming and spread the word that I am not worth knowing and have shabby furniture and a badly behaved cat and my silver isn’t polished and my yard isn’t professionally landscaped and…and…and….I am so very glad you all had fun and a nice meal. I am looking forward to seeing the pics and hearing about the wonders of forever friendship.


    • Kanzen, loved the detail on cobwebs – same here! I’m always a bit surprised when I look up and see ’em… Floating in corners or from the ceiling or my bookcases. My husband said it was my mother’s most loving quality. That, just as she never saw the cobwebs, she never saw a person’s faults only their good qualities! So. We got that going for us! Grin.

      Nor will be sending those photos hopefully today. Bill took about four of Ella looking cute as a button and has already sent ’em. My, those phones take fantastic pictures!


      • Cobwebs are strange creatures. They aren’t there in the morning and then that evening, when you’re sitting and relaxing, BAM! there one is. I can hardly wait to see the cute pics of Ella…I love my phone to take pics. So much better than lugging a camera around. of course, you can’t always get some of the effects, but hey, I’ll take the ease anyday.


    • Thank you, Benze, I did! Awaiting photos – some have come in, but my pals drove up the Washington coast towards you in Canada to take the ferry to Friday Harbor in the San Juans, reception seemed to have come and gone and come back in re emailing the photos. Grin.


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