Do You Remember?

I swore an oath that I would not forget the events of September 11, 2001 and 2012. I write today about the events in Benghazi when four Americans were killed, one the United States Ambassador to Libya.

In the days, months, and as the year anniversary, then the 18 month anniversary passed, amazing answers were given by our current Administration. There have been numerous hearings to find out what exactly happened, what our response was while the attack was ongoing, who has been held accountable and brought to justice. Some people find these hearings to be inconvenient or accuse Republicans of making a fuss about nothing. I am not one of them. I do not forget and I still have a “…quiet, unyielding anger.”

10 thoughts on “Do You Remember?

  1. Hunt, you have a justified anger, the very simple questions that were asked by Trey Gowdy, need to be answered. Events like this, (and this is only one of many that have happened over the years) It sickens me, lies and more lies. It is clear to me that our leaders feel if they drag their feet long enough most of the folks deeply involved will be dead and gone. I suspect it will be 50 yrs or more before anything that even resembles the truth is ever discovered, sorted out, and shared. Those responsible will be long dead and buried, and this will be just another brick for the political bs our leaders feed us. Take care, BIll


  2. Yes.
    The questions should be asked and the answers should be given.
    But both sides should do it in an effort to find out what happened, and how to not have it happen again, not for political maneuvering, which is almost as sickening as the event itself.


  3. When the body of a dead American Is dragged through the streets while those who hate this country cheer and kick and spit on the body of the dead father, husband, brother, son, friend, I will not forget. I want some answers. Of course, Obama is going to put the blame on one person instead of himself for not paying attention and monitoring, of course he is because he is not for the democratic government (as in democracy not political party). I want answers and I for one am tired of his so called transparent government – it is a magic government – he distracts us from seeing the real trick he does by showing us something else to look at. I want answsers, damn right I do.


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