My loves, my students, my teachers, my friends…

It ainit over ’til the fat lady sings. And, obesity is a big problem. Stay strong, Rara. Ella has begun to sing for you – at the top of her lungs, too. Sending you light and love to draw upon. xxoo Huntie, Ella & Elby, That Cat!


Back when I first started blogging, the Daily Post issued a prompt: You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

I wrote a reply, then, back in November of 2012, and looking back now– though it was cute and somewhat different than the other replies– it showed a total lack of understanding.  I can’t imagine leaving something so trite for y’all now, not when you’ve done so much for me and added so very much to my life.

Today, I am writing my last post. The tears are slowing me down, and my hands are shaking, but I am borrowing your strength as I try to get to the important parts.

Of course, nothing is certain.

If there’s one thing you learn in the ‘sphere, it’s that.  Ideal couples get divorced, terminally ill people live long fulfilling lives…

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2 thoughts on “My loves, my students, my teachers, my friends…

  1. Hunt, I didn’t know of Rara’s problems, all I knew of her was just the last few months when you introduced me to her. I have shown my support for her to my fullest, and pray for her, her safety, and for her freedom. Take care, Bill


    • Your note made me cry, Bill. We do these blogs never knowing if what we write or post might make a difference and then, if we are lucky, we get feedback to make me hit my knees in gratitude that it worked. xxoo Hunt


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