Statement of Fact and Love

I’ve been mostly offline for two or three weeks and came back today. The world had moved on in my absence. It was not supposed to do that, but it did. You may wonder why I’ve reblogged so many posts about my friend, Rara of fame. I learned today that my friend, one of the most loving women or person I have ever known, had a warrant issued for her and she went to jail to await trial – the first hearing of which is May 23. I believe in Rara. I believe she has been falsely accused.

Once I heard today, I moved heaven and earth to add my voice, my funds, my support to Rara and her husband and their cats. It is not enough. Rara, before leaving, wrote to certain people in advance and I was one of them, but I did not read the email until today when I went searching for it. There it was. Unopened. It came via a new address and I had just thought it was a new blog entry, not the cry and love of a friend reaching out – not for help, mind you, but to ease my heart when I eventually heard the news. That is Rara.

I found there are two ways to write to Rara or probably 16 and counting. Today, I sat down to write my friend who is in jail awaiting a hearing. I share it here so that a clear statement of fact on my part, that I believe in Rara, be known to any and all who read me.

May 14, 2014
Wednesday @ 6:05 p.m.

Dearest Rara,

I just learned of _______________________ (what? what do we call this event?). The Irish have a word to cover times like this and we say, “I am so sorry to hear of your troubles.” Troubles cover everything from burnt potatoes to murder and all things inbetween. One of your friends wrote, “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.” to which I added, “And, as you know obesity is a big problem here.” Ella, the greythound, the slimmest creature around, began to sing for you when I wrote those words. I love you, Rara. I took action as soon as I heard today ~ from reblogging, donating to “the fund,” buying a t’shirt, emailing Grayson ~ in truth. I’ve also set up accounts with God, filled with Light and Love ~ one for each of you to draw upon. Neither account can be overdrawn, Rara.

… I am so sorry you went off to jail without hearing from me ~ I just read your 5/5 email. I love you, Rara. I am saying prayers for you and the family. I am saying, “All is well.” because I know you and I know God, even and especially when life gets truly scary.

You RAWR, you hear me, Rara?! I hold you in my arms in visioning and surround you with my love, my respect and belief in you, Rara.

I’ll write more, loven.

Love Huntie

Rara can be written via snail mail to:

Radhika Jaini booking number 2824827
Orange County Sheriff’s Department
550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, Ca. 92703

28 thoughts on “Statement of Fact and Love

    • You, me, Rara, we are family. I stand for family. Some days, all you can do is stand and stand tall for your friends and loved ones. I am standing. Love Hunt


    • Welcome Ann to the site. You arrived on an exciting day – for me, at least. It isn’t so much a matter of loyalty, though that’s definitely a great part of my character. It would be hard to fake a persona of Rara’s style and writing and being over this much time and effort she has expended. If I saw Rara with her hand in the safe, I would still believe in her honor and integrity.


  1. I can’t my head around this. How can someone like Rara, the likes of whom I’ve never come across, a giving and talented young woman be in jail. This is about something that was supposed to have happened, when, four years ago? Is she the last hope to close the case? In this day and age? Something must be off here. 🙂


  2. This was a wonderful post! I find the whole blogosphere a much quieter place since the news of Rara’s “troubles” came out. I am having trouble blogging, others are writing words of encouragement that unfortunately cannot reach her because they are not written in pen & ink but in their hearts.


    • Those messages will reach her, Benze. I believe strongly in the power of thought and prayer, including that they can heal backwards and forwards in time. Miracles happen all day, every day. xxoo Hunt


  3. My goodness!!!! I’ve missed you (obviously!) but had no idea about our dear Rara, who I’ve also come to love! Please keep me posted, and in the meantime let anyone who needs it know -we are all prayers here at the Schmidt house!


    • Wiley, I believe in the power of prayer. This was a sucker punch – awaiting developments. I think there’s some confusion, or lots of confusion – near as I understand it, Rara is in jail, awaiting her first hearing on May 23. Doing this from memory only, her bail was set at @ $250,000, which means 10% must be posted, so @$25,000 – Rara and Grayson did not have that to post, so she stays in jail until her hearing or something else pops. Prayers pouring forth here from the HuntMode house as well. 🙂


  4. If you strongly believe there is a miscarriage of justice happening here, then I’m sure it must be so. I have no idea, though, what she is accused of although I gather that a body with plenty of funds has it in for her
    If it seems that she is being railroaded, then they should be named and thoroughly shamed.


    • It is a little confusing, Col. Near as I can tell, about 4 years ago (maybe?), Rara worked in an office and was very close to her employers, felt like a member of the family. Money was stolen – amounts apparently have varied over four years – and the employers pointed the finger at Rara.


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  6. If you say it is an injustice, then it is. I do not know Rara and I am sorry to hear of something like this. I always think of Law and Order as the Law is running after some guy who when they grab him he says, I didn’t do anything. They always ask, then why did you run? Because I didn’t do nothing and I was scared….and apparently, this is a real case of this sort of thing. Is there hope for her Huntie? Aren’t there forensic accountants who can research and find her innocent? I am definitely putting prayers in the account ledger for her. And of course, they would accuse someone not family and have opportunity to cook books. I hope those folks burn….this just isn’t right.


    • Great questions you ask here, Kanzen. From Rara’s writing, no one asked her any questions. I only know bits and pieces of this – one of the major ones being it takes money to defend yourself well, including forensic accountants, etc. The state will provide a defense attorney, who could be good or it could be his or her first case. Nonetheless, word is passing in ripples as are our prayers. And, as you know, when two or more are gathered in My name and are in agreement…. let’s make room for God to work.


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