Sound the trumpets!

Rara Update:

So, I had this vision, which was visualizing Rara receiving mail while awaiting her hearing on May 23. I’ve been advised not to send anything except a letter – handwritten, typed, colored with crayons, whatever, but no enclosures of anything except a letter. So, I was visualizing mine reaching Rara, and suddenly, superimposed over it, was Miracle on 34th Street when Kris Kringle’s defense consists of bags and bags of mail being delivered to the courtroom (in this case, direct to Rara). I had this huge grin on my face, picturing both the Sheriff Department’s reaction and Rara’s. Then I opened my eyes and turned it over to God.

24 hours later, AZ Gringa responded to a comment I’d left, “If you haven’t yet, you should come and join the Queen’s Guard, Huntie. ❤

This site has been put together by bloggers in support of Rara, her husband, Grayson and the cats, of course. You can read, comment and donate if you feel the love and are able to. Donations from a $1.00 up are welcome. And, you can even become a member of the Queen’s Guard. Now, you might be asking what is all this Queen nonsense. Somewhere between reality and virtual reality, Queen is Rara and Grayson’s last name and their artistic work. Thus, I am a proud member of the Queen’s Guard. And, if you look to the right of my home page, you will see a very big, bright, happy dinosaur. When you click it, it will take you direct to the donation page. If you want to do some browsing first, the link above will explain what the bloggers are doing.

There’s lots of questions to be answered, but I thought this response to whether Rara was innocent or not, deserves a bit of attention (answer provided by El Guapo, who is a frequent reader of this blog:

It’s an excellent question.
I only know her peripherally through other people.
But some who are close to her have asked for help for her, and I’m happy to.
In the end, the system will run its course, one way or the other. But if only for the positive impact she’s had on so many here, giving her every tool she needs to fight this, or at the very least, for her and Grayson and their pets to survive this, doesn’t seem out of line.

Naturally, I am in. All in. In the meantime, take a deep breath. Breathe out. Close your eyes… breathe in, breathe out, and visualize Rara & the Sheriff’s Dept:

You can write Rara:

Radhika Jaini
Booking Number 2824827
Orange County Sheriff’s Department
550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, Ca. 92703

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