If You Ever….

If you missed this one, good news – here it is – Colleen of Chatter Master wrote something that shifted my heart and my center mass and my breath came easily in my chest. What a gorgeous piece.

The Chatter Blog

If you ever birthed, adopted or fostered a child.

If you ever held a baby for endless hours because you wanted the child to sleep, whether you did nor not.

If you ever held a vomiting child.   Or had a child projectile vomit in your face.   Or held a baby high, laughing at their beauty, and they spit up in your laughing face-and you kept laughing while gagging.

If you ever read story after story after story after story after story after story after story.  Then read another one.

If you ever laughed at 1,279 ‘knock knock’ jokes that ended with “it’s me mom!”

If you ever went out scouting the neighborhood, or the school, or the football game to get a glimpse of the boy/girl that broke your child’s heart.  Or called them a name.  Or pulled their hair.  Or gave them a dirty look.  Or did…

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21 thoughts on “If You Ever….

  1. Hunt, I was fortunate I was Chatter’s blog in time to print copies of it and give to both my daughter and wife,they both appreciated it. Take care, Bill


  2. Aw Hunt…. thank you so much. 🙂 (I’m sorry I’m so late getting to this and all of my other blogs and comments. I’ve been traveling for three days and am still on the road now while husband is driving!)

    I really appreciate your kindness and love and sharing. 🙂


    • Colleen, I apologize for the lateness, mine has only been up for a couple of hours – grin! I didn’t see it until today. What a beautiful piece! Thank you. Hope you had a good time wherever you were – was this part of your bridge and city walk exercise?


  3. Although, I did all I could to play the proper role of father and grandfather, I found myself saying, “yep,” to more than a few of the, if you evers. Tiger Mom won her title by doing them all, repeatedly. Thank you for sharing this and now I have another awesome blog to follow. 😃


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