I so want to talk with you

Hello. I’ve missed talking with you. The past six weeks have been filled with such highs and such weird valleys/dips – the dips being mostly from others needing support of one sort or another.

I’ve thought to write a quick summary check in… but, you know me, I never write quick and dirty posts – I’m a 2,000 to 3,500 worder. A shaggy dog story teller – I feel it necessary to include details others would gloss over. The idea of a summary consisting of Parts I through VI made me laugh out loud, thinking of your reaction, so I refrained.

So, my story is coming and I believe you will love it. My Angel Cards for today were Birth (coming in) and Light (going out). That’s it in a nutshell. I am having a rebirth of some sort and the truth will be in the tale. See you in the morning. Love Huntie

16 thoughts on “I so want to talk with you

  1. Would be good to hear what’s been going on in YOUR life P. You should not neglect yourself because of others’ woes, and never immerse yourself so completely that you disappear into the clouds.
    That being said, I know the people you have been giving time and attention to appreciate it more than you can ever think…


  2. Huntie, I know I have missed you, and I appreciate the opportunity we had last night to chat for a bit. I look forward to seeing what the implications of those cards are to you for your life, I look forward to all 2 or 3 thousand words, and your tease implies it’s a good thing. Take care Huntie, welcome home. Bill


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