What’s for dinner – whoo, baby, stand back!

Tonight’s feast was filet mignon, long and wild grain rice by Uncle Ben, and the sweetest, freshest white peach evah.

The George Foreman small grill cooked the filet mignon in 3.30 mins for medium rare (take off the grill and let sit a few minutes – it continues to cook). Uncle Ben’s wild and long rice – 90 secs in the microwave. The white peach? Fresh and sweet.

It was divine.





26 thoughts on “What’s for dinner – whoo, baby, stand back!

  1. Huntie, I was always told it was impossible to cook for one, But you have clearly proved that wrong. Not only did you cook for one, but you made a million mouth’s to water doing so. I liked what you served for yourself so much better than my meal for one last night. Though I would have preferred a NY Strip. Take care, Bill


    • Grin. My Angel Cards for yesterday were Simplicity coming in and Play going out. Dinner in under five minutes – doesn’t get simpler than that, eh? Oh, and it was GOOD!


  2. I have been cooking for one for 20 years and I always make sure It’s a square meal. The additional 10 I had students to cook for.
    This steak looks just what the doctor ordered. I’ve been drooling for a steak, baked potato and salad. Must look into that. πŸ˜€


  3. We don’t have the George Forman brand of griddler but I love chicken & fish done on this appliance. No turning over, no worry about the middle being cooked while the outside is overdone! Besides my crockpot, the most used appliance in my kitchen!


    • Funny you should mention your crockpot today, Benze. I’ve discovered this fantastic product of hash browns – comes in little milk cartons and you fill the carton with hot water, wait 12 minutes and then drain and fry ’em as crispy or as soft as you like. Me, I’m crispy to burnt hash brown devotee. My crockpot came with it’s own surface heating element, which also serves as a griddle. It has disappeared. I suspect the Universe borrowed it.


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