In the flurry of learning of Rara’s troubles, I ordered a t’shirt designed by Rara and Grayson’s QueenCreative and accomplished by Redbubble. Yes, it cost $25.00. Gotta say, I LOVE IT!

It’s a long sleeve t’shirt, I think my first. I’ve this thing about my arms. I want to look like the heroine of Terminator – you know, the kid’s mother, who, in a memorable scene, did pullups off a bunk, showing the most incredible beautiful sinew. Once upon a time, I did, but that was, ohhh, at least 10 years ago. Plus, I’m always cold, wearing some jacket or light sweatshirt over a short sleeve t’shirt – we won’t discuss tank tops, eh? I choose white, with the little green and white dinosaur. It’s fantastic!


When you click below, it takes you direct to the site and you can see all the styles (short sleeve is cheaper) by clicking on “Style” in the order box….


15 thoughts on “#RawrLove – GOT MY NEW T’SHIRT!

  1. I nearly always need sleeves on my arms; usually a long-sleeve T and a long-sleeve button-up over-shirt. When it warms up, maybe a short-sleeve T under the over-shirt, and hotter means I roll up the sleeves of the over-shirt. At 80 degrees, the over-shirt comes off. I’m good to 105–born/raised in Sacramento.


      • Even when i wrnt down to 88 lbs. I was never buff. Always a little puffball. Even when i was trainingfor a maraathon, i was a “pocket Venus”, as the Victorians would have said.

        I am trying to figure what has happened with my WP Reader. Igot a coulpe of your posts via email but not in my reader from you. Your filet mignon sounds to die for. I love a good piece of beef well grilled. And that white peach…oh my goodness. Peach season starts here end of june. I can hardly wait. I thing as time gets closer, i amgoing to post my easy peach jam with lime zest, made w/regular and white peaches. A japanese friend of mine calls me Hakuto,White Peach. I’ve written of our friendship i several poem seried The Walk. Anothet Scorpio, born 11/16, a couple of years older.


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