You spend a third of your life in bed (if you’re lucky)

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Now that’s a bed! When I saw it, all I could think was, “Right. And I just know I would need one of the books at the very bottom or in some critical structure part of the deal….” Still, how can you not love that bed? I read long ago that we spend a third of our life in bed. ‘Course, that was before technology insisted on intruding – who needs sleep? I do! And, I love my bed. I cherish it. Does it look like this? Not exactly.

First, it’s a king size bed. A California King sized bed, they say. There is no headboard, nor footboard. Once I heard that we spend a third of our life in bed, back in the 70’s, I thought to myself, “Well… Well then, we’ve got to look good. It’s a third of our life!” At the time, that meant ironing the clothes I wore to bed, which, I admit, were spectacular. Lace peignoirs, lovely, floaty gossamer lingerie, feather boa slippers, silk pajamas with jazzy piping. The colors and fabrics of my night clothes were glamorous, subtle, and come hither. No matter, if I spent seven years of my life in celibacy. Oh yes I did. Waiting for that mate, who did, shockingly, arrive finally. Scared the blazes out of my friends in case that would be the path they would have to follow.

During those seven years, I switched from a Queen bed to a King, using my very first real estate agent’s commission to buy a new King size bed. There’s a lot to buying a new bed. They are incredibly expensive, but, as they are to last about 20 years, it prices out over time. And, clearly, I was in for the long haul. Just like a new homeowner wanting to be house proud, a new bed owner will lavish their hard earned monies on sheets, down comforter, duvets, pillow cases.

I spent years finding the right pillows, the best being from a hotel that I called and convinced, long before it was fashionable. to sell me their pillows. I did not care if they were used, they were fabulous pillows! They threw in the 10 pillowcases to go with the 10 pillows I convinced them to sell to me.

I bought a $1,000 down comforter before anybody spent a $1,000 on a used car, much less a comforter. That was a tricky thing. Down comforters were supposed to be warm. All the novels said so, but I was freezing. I called the department store and spoke with the woman who had sold me the comforter. “You’re cold? …. Tell me what you’re doing with it.” Aha! I was smoothing it down, not fluffing it – you have to fluff it to create air pockets and then, trust me, you are warm as a hot piece of toast!

Friends would come to visit and catch sight of my bed, piled with 10 pillows and fling themselves onto the bed, hugging as many of the pillows as they could get their arms and legs around, sighing in pure relaxation at the perfection of the mattress, the pillows, the feel of the duvet against their skin. Later, I found out about the importance of thread count – go for the 1500 thread count… oh my word, you will never go back. Do watch your friends, though. They kept trying to walk off with my pillows.

29 thoughts on “You spend a third of your life in bed (if you’re lucky)

  1. Imagine all those books! I always have about 10 books on my bedside table, in various states of being read, not to mention the Kindle with its 1500 downloaded books and still counting, beckoning me. My precious hubster reads one book at time. He is amazed still at the constant stack of books in rotation. When I was 15, something entered my warped little brain, during a hot summer night. The ceiling fan was rotating slowly with that soft hum, cicadas were sawing, an occasional bird whispered, smells of newly cut grass and gardenias wafted through the window. The sheets on the bed, old linen and impossible thread count, were smooth and cool. I ran my hand across them and off came that thin batiste shorty gown – I stretched my naked self out on my bed and sighed. I rolled from side to side revelling in the feel of those sheets against me. I have not slept in anything since. In the dead of winter when I was in a commune in the cold NC moluntains, under the fluffed up down, I was in my own skin – even warmer that way! Being in bed is a wondrous thing. Even after all these years though, I cannot convince hubs that breakfast in bed is a good thing. I vote for a National Stay In Bed Week/Love Your Bed/Celebrate Luxurious Sheets Week. In fact, I think I’ll have my own private one next week.


    • Ah, Kanzen, you and me, soul family. It wasn’t until I was married that I slept in the nude and I’ve never gone back – love the freedom it brings. Grin.


  2. Huntie, I can imagine you having a super king size bed of books, I can imagine you painstakingly searching for the right book each evening, while maintaining integrity of “the bed.” BTW your comforter cost more than the 1st five used cars I owned (combined). But that was a long time ago. I would be interested in how you built the bed, what books would go were. There are so many places to go with this post, so many questions to be asked, so many questions to be avoided. Great post. Enjoy your bed your sheets and your comforter. Take care, Bill


    • Oh, I do, Bill! Grinning from ear to ear. Have to say though, as much as I love the look of the book bed, wouldn’t do it with my own. I would never have the patience to find the book I needed. My own books (about 3,500) are by sorted by fiction, non-fiction, topic, alphabetized by author, and I can put my finger immediately on whatever book I need. The weakness is I tend to carry ’em from room to room and they pile up until I suddenly get a thirst for order and put ’em back on the 7′ x 7′ bookcases. Grin.


  3. Reach out and touch someone takes on a whole different meaning. 😀

    As the years pass, I appreciate my bed more and more. Even my cat likes it. I recently bought (one–darn–big mistake) silk pillow on my trip to China and a comforter. The pillow is heaven but I missed something when I decided on the grade (thickness of silk (of the comforter). Still the cover is awesome and I happen to have a duvet cover to fit to protect it. It’s been ages since I’ve had breakfast in bed because I must get up and get it. 😀


  4. GREAT post, Huntie ! Oh, how jealous I am !!! Few things I can think of would make me happier than to have such a bed, and be able to fall into it every night in anticipation of joyous sleep.


  5. Your description of your bed makes me want to crawl into it – sight unseen!! What a wonderful attitude to have to justify the BEST for your bed. hmmm – I sense a shopping expedition in my near future….


    • Fair warning – costs of sheets, etc. range all over from cheap to extraordinarily expensive. There are great websites out there with terrific deals – be sure to do some comparison online shopping before you buy! Then you can buy more! Grin.


  6. Great idea with a book bed, really…if you pick one you will have to put in another in its place…that would have been something – always new books to read and an ongoing bed renovation…
    I guess that I would be one of those trying to walk away with your pillows too..Lovely story!


  7. I have always dreamed of having a bed like yours! I would just love to be able to snuggle into a bed surrounded by pillows. Although I wouldn’t have the down comforter (I’m allergic to feathers) because it would be way too hot for me! I like to sleep with my feet out all the time. But the next bed I see myself getting is one of those where the head raises up (I’m sleeping on 3 pillows stacked now or in my recliner). I envy you your bed!


    • Bed envy, Benze! It’s a worthwhile envy. I have a theory about couples – I think it more likely that the ones who like their feet out vs. the ones who want ’em covered marry one another instead of a match say of two who like their feet out. My husband used to say, “My dawgs need to breathe!”


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