Barney and Ludo : A Macaulay the Dog Story

If you have missed the writings of Ms. Kate Shrewday, you have a treat in store from Macaulay the Dog Stories to castles and priest holes to gorgeous photos of English nook and crannies… She is a treasure trove.

Kate Shrewsday


At the back gate, the dog waits.

It is 6:15pm in the optimistic Spring sunlight of a mid April evening, and Barney and Ludo are pottering past my front window on their way to the forest.

Barney is a dumb blonde whom everyone loves, an exuberant white terrier-ball of fluff one couldn’t possibly hate even if one was a big fierce rottweiler. Barney would charm the birds out of the trees and then chase them happily, and the birds would like it.

No so, Ludo.

Ludo is a black miniature schnauzer. He has Scowl built into his DNA, and it is the base of his expression. He is officious, and disapproving, and sternly puritanical.

Of course, I might just have made all this up. Appearances are not everything. It might be possible I was mistaken: were it not for the judgement of the watch-dog, the dog who lives on the…

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5 thoughts on “Barney and Ludo : A Macaulay the Dog Story

  1. Hunt, this is what I shared with Kate. Take care, BIll

    Kate, what a wonderful story…I look forward to the continuation. I came to you via Huntmode, she recommended I visit, so here I am. And I am glad I made the trip. Please take care, you will see me again. Bill


    • Ah, good man! There’s actually a series on Macauley, the Dog. Next time you visit, keep an eye out. Plus, Kate writes re history, which I know you’d love.


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