Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?

My friend, Kanzen, wrote of a song she will use tonight to combat melancholy. She will dance a tango this night with her husband. It is a lovely song by Bryan Ferry.

It set me off on a wild rabbit hole chase – trying to remember the song I had once loved by Bryan Ferry. I know there was one, but I never found it. Slowly, as I combed the records and archives, another Bryan came to me. Bryan Adams. Mmmmm. New Rabbit Hole. Go, go, go, Huntie!

Ah ha! Got it! The video makes me cringe because it is so far from what the song conjured for me, so I closed my eyes and went with the music as I remembered it.

Kanzen, I do think this would make for an additional tango. Whether you dance one or many, may your heart and spirit be lifted, Kanzen.

34 thoughts on “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?

      • it is a “bullfight” dance and can have kinds of elements of sterness, precision, eroticism, slowness, attitude..a wonderful dance and this song will make a nice song for a lighter version. Some people call the paso “flamenco”…similar elements, different dance.


        • You are a fount of wisdom, my friend. I have always loved watching (while secretly wanting to dance with discipline and abandon) those paso or flamenco dances.


          • These are dances that one must get down technically first – hard work. then…..ta da!!! abandon and passion!!! On You Tube, there are quite a few examples of good paso. Some of them are actually on the US TV show, Dancing With The Stars. There are tutorials, pointers – too many of them do the dance to the Torreador song….One of the many excellent pasos can be seen on clips from Dancing with the Stars. This is to an early one, start at about 2:12


            • Thank you for the sample, Kanzen. In my head, it is mixed with what I’ve read in novels and how it is a courtship, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, a quick stacatto of heels and a lover’s temper or spat, then down to earth with conquest and surrender.


            • The paso doble actually is a bullfight dance, the courtship and such, sometimes fancy capework of the “matador” and ending with the “kill” of te bull. it can be very quick and fierce or slow and checking each other out, or, in contemporary style, some promenades, knee steps, swirling around each other….some of the classic involves a lot of the flamenco style tapping and some of the best, do it without music just claps and stamps. the movements formalized like a Spanish Tai Chi so to speak. We do a very bland, mild “white version” because it is not one of the dances we specialize in, although we know enough to make fools of ourselves πŸ™‚ Flamenco is the stamping, building up to a crescendo or….climax.


            • You girls keep partying. My boy is in the recliner snoring and I just don’t have the heart. I’m off to do homework. But you guys practice and we’ll have a dance off. I’d better warn you all, this beach ball can bounce!!!!


  1. Hunt, I stopped by Kanzen’s post and left her a note. I know she will have a wonderful evening if for no other reason than the song is playing not just in her head. Take care, and enjoy your search. Bill


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