So, where were you in April, Hunt? Part 4

I’ve been promising to fill in the blanks as to what happened during April and the first few weeks of May that made me such a low profile blogger. Part 1 is here.  Part 2 is here.  Part 3 is here.

April 2014 Continued…:

So, exactly what would you do if you suddenly had $22,000 in your checking account?

My very first act, other than a full tank of gas, at $50.00, was to sign up for LifeLock.

Now, you may laugh, but that strikes me as a very rational act. Anybody who would try to steal my identity prior to this was going to get slapped down and slapped hard – my two credit cards were maxed out, I had about $42,000 in educational loans and no business in their right mind was going to give somebody credit using my identity, even though, I am proud to say, I still have not been late on payments – much. There has been a bit of dancing between Peter and Paul and who was yelling the loudest.

However, with $22,000 in the bank, I looked like a more likely prospect, hence LifeLock. Mind, it wasn’t going to stay there, but until I had the pleasure of spending it, I didn’t want anyone else to. A bit like Macauley, the Dog and his bone.

In the meantime, the family had not stood still. My brother had his challenges, and my sister… In April, my sister called to say she had breast cancer. Throughout April, tests were being done to determine how serious it was. The good news was it was Stage 1. The bad news was it was Type 3, aggressive. We held hands through the phone throughout April, through tests, through days of waiting. Kate’s surgery was scheduled for May 7.

May 2014:

My brother came for a visit in early May. We weren’t sure if it would be one day, a week, or maybe a month or months. We lasted one week. We dearly love one another and we have lived together in the past. This time, though… it was tougher. As though we had calcified during the time passed, nine years, in fact. We stepped on one another’s toes, without meaning to, but still heavy footed. We also had some good times that week where we laughed and laughed. He was here for the day of Kate’s surgery, May 7. We planned to call her about 5:00 p.m. our time, which would be 7:00 p.m. Tennessee time.

Kate was due to check into the hospital at 8:00 a.m., her surgery was scheduled for 10:00 a.m. A mastectomy, the left breast and lymph node. For some reason, Kate had read in a book that she might lose the use of her left arm and this worried her more than just about anything else. “How will I get dressed? How will I drive?” She called us at 2:00 p.m. her time. She was home, cozily ensconced on the sofa with her daughter, who flew in from California, there to take care of her. Do you get that? Breast mastectomy, home by 2:00 p.m. Holy mother of God.

She came through with flying colors. Nothing in the lymph node(s), it was contained to the left breast with a 10% chance of returning. What that translates to is no chemotherapy and no radiation. We had thought she might have radiation follow up treatments, but only when there is a 20% and up likelihood of return. Thank You, God. THANK YOU, GOD. Oh, and her left arm was just fine, thank you verra much.

It’s May 28 and I’ve spent all but about $1,000 of the $22,000.

Your turn to breathe, she said mischievously. In. Out. easy-peasy. In. Out.

I paid all my bills, yes, May rent, too, Toto! I paid off both credit cards. Zero. And, I plan to cancel one of them because of the high interest rate and the $79 annual fee coming due in August. I paid back everyone who had lent or given me money over the course of the last two years. I got to fulfill my dream of “I can pay, play and give away.” (Bonnie Ingersol). I got to contribute to causes I believe in, one of which, of course, is Rara. (Want to contribute, too? See that bright shiny button off to the right of the home page – click it… grin). I got to get my hair cut. I went on EBay and bought jeans, a new winter jacket (two, actually) – my first in three years?, sheets, glorious sheets, 1500 thread count, which I put on my bed today… Oh my gawd… sooooo soft. And the color is of milk chocolate with lots of milk. And, the duvet matches in 1500 thread count. I confess, I’d forgotten about Ella, the greythound and Elby, That Cat!’s nails. Please, God, please do not let them tear those sheets….

And, so I am back, and four posts lighter. Thanks for reading.

27 thoughts on “So, where were you in April, Hunt? Part 4

  1. Congratulations on being debt free!!!! Honey, that is beyond AWESOME!!!! I’m so thankful she is doing great and that it didn’t reach the lymph nodes…praise God!!!! Hugs and love to you!!!!


    • It was an amazing two months, WTW! And, I forgot to include another amazing miracle… they changed the date of the monthly payments to the 2nd. So, my May payment came in on May 2, not the 21st! And, Kate is doing splendidly. We are so thankful, praise God indeed! Hugs and love right back at you. 🙂 ❤


  2. Reading through the 4 parts of this story, my stomach was sitting at the back of my throat. Even though I knew the ending (I had read part 4 first), it was still heart-wrenching.
    I am so glad this story has a happy ending!! I can’t begin to imagine the layers of stress you have been wearing!
    Congratulations on your new happier circumstances and wishing you many, many more!


    • Joanne, you make me grin – I, too, would have read P. 4 first ’cause I can’t stand the suspense!

      Thank you for being here and for your best wishes and congratulations. I just found out how you came to be here through the wonderful M.R. Stringer – now there’s a scraper! Love that woman!


      • Does that mean you also have a tendency to read the end of a book after the first few chapters? 🙂

        M-R is definitely a character! I thoroughly enjoy reading her comments on other people’s posts almost as much as her blog itself!


        • Reading the end before the rest of the book… it depends on the author – if I know they hold true to a good end, I will wait on the story unfolding. If I don’t know the author or don’t trust ’em, y’bet, right to the ending first! And, I owe you an apology, the correct spelling of you name would appear to be Joann, yes?


  3. Huntie, I read each word with great joy. I am so happy your tale did in fact have the proverbial happy ending. I am glad to see the wordds flowing, and to feel the joy in them. Thank you and take care, BIll


  4. Huntie – It’s time to dance and sing and acknowledge that once in awhile, paper finds its way through bureaucracy. What a burden has been lifted and now you can concentrate on taking care of yourself.

    I’m happy to see you have lifelock. My identity was stolen not long after we moved to DC. During the time when we were in the process of buying a home there and all the other things involved in a move from one coast to the other. Of course it was a government paid move but nevertheless, I still had to have my identity for many other things.

    Tom’s and my computers were hacked in October of 2011 and we have $54 thousand we’ll never recover. The banks had to make everything good. But, all of our credit cards were maxed out to include the over-the-limit fees on the cards and then because Tom is a jeweler with accounts at numerous supply houses it was like a free-fall.

    Our IT guys lived here for almost two months before they finally traced the hackers to a location in Switzerland. We still have no idea why we were targeted as the Fed team that came in said it would have taken the hackers (specialist of at least 5 or 6 hackers working together at least 6 or 7 hours) to get into our systems.

    I told Tom I was all for putting money under the mattress! We now use avast – we get a message when someone is trying to hack in or piggyback on to something else. I’ve also added LassPass (?) and never go into the internet without using Firefox

    Take care of yourself – that’s your job now. We’ll all be yelling at you if you do anything different! Sheri


    • Oh, Sheri, the loss of identity as well as the money and aggravation… My next door neighbor, who I adored (he’s moved… damn it!) had his identity stolen and they did the same, wiping him out and he’d been such a good citizen with savings, credit cards, etc. I’ve always been on top of my credit reports and did have a monthly scan ongoing. The LifeLock thing appears to be excellent. In fact, they contacted me this morning on a credit check done on me by Comcast for bringing back cable into my life. They were on it instantly. Reassuring.

      Thank you for the well-wishing. I do well in some areas and completely fall down in others. Grin. It is what friends are for – to yell at you and be there.


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