14 thoughts on “M-R’s challenge 30

  1. Huntie, from one that has read every word, you deserve to have your horn tooted. You richly deserve the recognition, and those that choose to follow because of MR kind but honest words, will gain so much having you in their lives. You are indeed a wonderful blogger. Take care, Bill


    • I ACCEPT! (You are famous for denying compliments, William. Life is short and I’ll take E.F.ing wherever I find it, especially from such loving friends!)

      E.F.ing = ego feeding!


  2. HuntIe: My dear friend, have I been in such a blur that I somehow missed reading your response to M-R’s wonderful comments sending what we hope will be the universe reading your blogs and getting to know the wonderful person we already know you are.
    You are so deserving of M-R putting you out there to the world and I always think being the last of any list is the most honored position. Everyone always remembers the first and last names and never the in-between names:) I couldn’t agree more with everything everyone has already said. You are indeed of a special heart and loved dearly.


  3. Sheri, whatever I’ve done to deserve you, M.R. and all my other viritual buds, I _________________________________ _____________________________________________ (I don’t have the words to express the joy, pleasure and somehow a sense of peace that just flows over me, and into me. How on earth did I get this lucky? Grin. I ACCEPT. ❤ to the nth power.


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