32 thoughts on “At last! Exactly how I feel!

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!! not only is it cute as a bug’s ear, but I just love that little bitty thing giving it lots of wellie…..WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
    I now just how it feels. I think I’m going to be doing this a few times in the next few days….WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH


  2. What the …? When I clicked on ‘like’, it asked me “follow this blog ?”
    I bloody give up. I think I must’ve ‘followed’ you about three times, now; and for reasons beyond my comprehension, it won’t … stick ! I was discussing this with Andrew of ‘All downill from here’ (http://ajh57.wordpress.com/) just the other day: we are equally mystified as to how this happens.


    • I’ve been hearing around the WP blogosphere that the Reader has been acting up, not displaying chosen, followed blogs, so readers are missing posts and readership to the blogger appears to have dropped. This might be part and parcel of the same complaint. So glad you told me though, M.R.!


      • It seems that every so often WP goes through testing times … as if the engineers are a bit lost, and struggling to manage everything at once. The simile would be when a new shift comes on for the first time and has to get used to the status quo – with expected results.


  3. I for one will swear I am following someone and….realize I’ve been getting now posts. I get concerned about the person, do some checking and…….I’m not following! I know I hit follow, got a thank you from the person…..geez. Sometimes WP just goes goonie on us. And the itty bitty lamby-goat just makes me grin.


  4. Well Hunt, I hope you don’t feel like that all of the time because if you think you will, I’ll get some ear-muffs, as I’m often deafened by my own screams πŸ˜€


    • Laughing – I did, too! I was visiting with a friend, out in her backyard and she said, “Oh, Hunt, feel free, get it out of your system…” And I began to bellow – every once in a while, I’d just let rip! Felt great! ❀


  5. Huntie – I need many hours of screaming but all it does is make my throat hurt. My best friend told me the other day that she would feel so much better if she could just cry. I’ve never been a woman that cried. I am pretty good at throwing things but it’s been years and years since I’ve done that – – – and I still consider it as an immature way of behaving. When we lived in CA I used to love pulling black trash bag after bag of ice plant because the roots were so long and went on forever. I have dug down a full foot in our yard in order to get rid of the grass where I have my gardens planted and that was wonderful therapy until I suffered all the nerve damage to my right hand and arm (dang it anyway).
    I love your video. Sheri


    • Ah, I came up with a solution, Sheri. Whenever anyone asks me if there is something they can do (depending on the crisis), I promptly say, “Yes. I would like an old plate or piece of china, crockery, if you will.”

      There’s always a pause. “Okay… Just one?”

      “As much as you like and they don’t have to match, they just have to break.”


      I save ’em up and have a smash and shatter day, hopefully with a good friend or two. Just excellent for reducing stress. πŸ™‚


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