Virginia: Eric Canter, House Majority Leader lost to a Tea Party Professor of Economics

The primary was just called on the news – Eric Canter, Republican House Majority Leader just lost to Dave Brat, an economics professor at a small college! This is a big deal… Now, for some fun thoughts:

1. And the dem candidate is also a professor at the same small college! Ooooohhh, think of the faculty meetings!

2. My mind is racing with plots for novels involving faculty backstabbings, actual faculty teas, giggle

According to press reports, Dave Brat is very conservative on immigration. If you haven’t heard about the thousands of unaccompanied children swarming into Texas and now being housed on military bases or put on buses and dropped off in Arizona…. Canter had been willing to contemplate immigration reform. This is sending a very clear signal.

Update: Eric Cantor spent $5 million; Dave Brat just over $100,000. Mmmmm…

21 thoughts on “Virginia: Eric Canter, House Majority Leader lost to a Tea Party Professor of Economics

  1. Ahhh, Virginia politics…alas poor Yorick, I know them well. Cantor: savvy, personable, well connected, momser. Brat: chnges his politics and opinions the way some women change their purses, by season and to match their outfits. Cantor several years ago ousted several old boy dems and savvied his way to power. Brat was a used to be dem liberal, then republic conservative and now is wearing the tea party purse to match this current outfit. In this instance, it’s the devil you know vs. the devil you think you know. Personally, I’d write in Randy Forbes – honorable, consistent, concerned, conservative, In VA, tea party does not always equate to intelligent and connected to the real world. They may talk a lot about the constitution and following, but too often, they become shrill and strident and in many cases, bombastic and extreme. Cantor at one time was the hope to brng justice to bear on the our money wasting career politicos. Unfortunately, by trying to beat them at their own game, he became absorbed by the Borg collective. Brat Is so weak, I don’t think he’ll even get that far. It will be very interesting, to say the least.


    • I was going to shoot you an email to get your take, Kanzen, as a Virginian, but simply couldn’t resist laughing out loud on the faculty tea images…. I liked Cantor, but I also feel the Republicans take their base for granted and at their peril. With your input, I will keep an eye on this race and, if he wins in November, his behavior and votes in the House.


      • Eric may stop taking his ‘young guns” self portrait more seriously and get back on horse and ride herd on them as he once did. Too many times, the pistol whippers end up being the pistol whipped. He is intelligent and quickly learned the DC ropes and how to climb them. I hope he doesn’t end up hanging himself He has a great deal of presence and control and will not be cowed by Brat’s nasty looks at teas and will also be courteous and play the game at faculty functions. He isn’t one of my faves, nor is he one of those I fear. It will be interesting and it will be a long and eventually bitter fight between the two. Cantor is well connected and has access to good contributions. He has gotten too secure in his position. Hopefully, Brat will shake him out of his comfort zone and back into the active membership in the fight club. Like I said, boychik Cantor is golden, a momser and well versed in clever.


        • There is much discussion on whether Eric Canter will step down from House Majority Leader and who might replace him in the interim. Dave Brat’s opponent is Democrat Jack Trammell in November, also a professor at Randolph-Macon. (That’s why I was getting such a chuckle out of what the faculty meetings might be like.)


          • I hope he will not step down. Randolph-Macon? They don’t even have a decent lacross team. bah. Like I said, I’m writing in Randy Forbes, unless Eric gets it back to gehter.


  2. So, if I understand you, you think Eric Canter is going to pull an Alaskan move and return as a write-in candidate? There was some discussion about that tonight. Consensus was his concession speech seem to preclude that. – however, he gave that concession almost immediately and maybe after he sleeps on it, he’ll opt for that option.


  3. Love reading the comments between you and Kanzen. Alas, this is all Greek to me. Politics I haven’t any info about. We are working up to an unpopular election Thursday so I haven’t been aware of much else on the other side of the border. 😀


  4. Hunt, having lived in Northern VA for over 30 yrs I am still somewhat involved in the going on. I will say that VA always iseemed quick to fire a representative and move on to the next guy. But I am not the political expert you an Kanzen are. But I do know the Randolph-Macon lacrosse team leaves a lot to be desired. My daughter played at Mary Washington, kicked their butts more than once. Take care, Bill


    • Yeah, I’ve yet to hear much good on the Randolph-Macon part…. (Haven’t looked for it either…) Grin. As always, congratulations to your daughter for sports well played!


  5. If Eric Cantor could remove the smirk from his face, I could probably pay a bit more attention to what comes out of his mouth.
    With that being said, I can never sway towards a Tea Party candidate. They are the ba….ds that closed down Washington and that’s a position no one in their right mind takes part in. On the flip side, I do want immigration reform (but I’m not liberal) and I want Obamacare gone. I must pay careful attention as this election moves forward.


    • I am not in agreement with you, Sheri, on the Tea Party, nor how it has been portrayed. But I confess I’ve dumped most of the data on the shutting down of the gov’t – I’ll need to do some refresh research on this. I agree, pay very close attention to this election – stuff is definitely happening.


      • I believe this election will either make or break our country. We have so much riding on it. Since the beginning of the recession, the middle class as we used to know it has all but disappeared and they have never regained their footing. The numbers in shelters, needing assistance with food and medical care not to mention those who have simply given up are higher than at any time in modern history. We’ve fought too many wars where we weren’t wanted in the first place, taken on too many from other countries when we couldn’t care for our own, and the list goes on. I’m all for helping others but not at the expense of ignoring our own.

        We can’t go on this way. Eventually our own civil war will break out and we won’t know rather our neighbors are friend or foe. We’ll have no way of knowing until it gets down to who has clean water (already a priority) and an adequate clean food supply (another concern).


        • I absolutely agree with you, Sheri. I have always thought we should take care of our own first. While I can understand from a strategic point of view, paying off various countries not to fight with their neighbors, the situation in the Middle East is rapidly escalating out of control, as well as other areas around the globe. Our treasure and our blood seems to matter not a whit.

          I think this 2014 election is as critical as you say. It is not only our foreign policy, but domestic issues and scandals just keep coming one on top of the other.


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