Keep Your Eye on Iraq

If you haven’t been paying attention, you should be. Iraq is falling to a group commonly referred to as ISIS or ISIL. That’s an acronym for Islamic State in Iraq and/or Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. So far, two major cities have fallen and ISIS is on the march towards Baghdad. They are cleaning up any opposition as they go by horrific executions, including beheadings and crucifixions.

When I was writing my thesis on Iraq in 2009, this was its stated purpose:

“This thesis studies two different styles of warfare as conducted in Iraq: Information Operations and Asymmetric Warfare. The purpose is to show how perception shaped events and impacted the different styles of conducting warfare through the use of propaganda on the part of U.S. and U.S.-led Multi-National Forces and Al Qaeda, the Global Jihadist Movement, and the Anti-Iraqi Forces Insurgency.”

At the time of writing, I reviewed many videos showing the beheadings. As bad as the images are, it was the sound itself that lingers in my mind. There were rumors from my contacts of crucifixions on a grand scale, but I couldn’t get anything solid. Today, there are photos.

At this moment, President Obama is thinking over what we might do. He’ll be thinking that over while en route to Palm Springs for a Democratic fundraiser…. I agree, it is not an easy decision to make. You can’t please anybody this time around. The Middle East is melting down.

Oh, and there is that slight problem closer to home. You know, the one with the thousands of children crossing the borders, right? If not, here are some reports. If that link doesn’t work, just google “children crossing the u.s. southern border.”

Update: It was just announced we have no plans to evacuate our embassy in Baghdad because it might send the wrong political message. Let’s see, five Taliban for one American; how many we’ll we trade for the survivors? Benghazi, anyone?

14 thoughts on “Keep Your Eye on Iraq

  1. I shouldn’t have looked at the photos. I looked it up about the children. We have such secrecy applied to the movements of aslyum seekers trying to get into Australia too. Our government, and the previous one, are carrying on like it’s the end of the world to let them in to be processed.


  2. Hunt, You know quite well how I feel about the “trade.” I generally hate watching the news because I trust so few of those actually reporting it. But this march to Baghdad will continue, and every opponent along the way will be put to death in the most miserable way. If there are any Americans there when Baghdad is taken back (and it will be taken back) the lucky one’s will be the one’s that die quickly. Our leader has placed a bounty and a big red circle on any American taken. If he is willing to give up 5 known haters of America, 5 known men whose entire life revolves around killing American’s. I can’t even imagine what the price tag will be for our officials there when Baghdad is taken. But I suspect that GITMO will be shut down because it won’t be needed, he will probably throw in south Florida, and most likely the LA Clippers to sweeten the deal. Over two hundred years of pride and strength thrown away with a single ill planned decision. Sometimes dying is the easy way out, because I sure as hell don’t want to be here as America continues to pay for the stupidity of our leaders.


  3. Bush’s adventures in Iraq have left a pretty terrible situation, wouldn’t you say, Huntie ? – it’s no longer a simple thing to decide what to do, in full knowledge of the fact that if Saddam were still there none of this would’ve happened (I acknowledge that there would probably be no Kurds left, of course !). But it’s a bit like interrupting the food chain by eliminating a species one thinks harmful to man: it can easily render everything unworkable …
    I blame Cheney, myself, and his business associates. Rumsfeld too.
    And the fact is that Obama CANNOT do anything without the agreement of virtually everyone else !


    • We are not going to agree on this, M.R. – pieces, perhaps, but not in toto. Some of the decisions made during the Bush Administration were strategically wrong. I think he was correct to go into Iraq, but we should have either left after the initial invasion and the end of Saddam or gone with the original plan, which was a light footprint to get things settled and then leave. Instead, at the last moment, Bush put Paul Bremer in, who derailed all the previous planning, sent the entire Iraq army home, making sure they would retaliate, thereby beginning the insurgency…

      I do like your analogy of interrupting the food chain – that rings very true. Obama has singlehandedly pissed away relationships built up over 50- 100 years with allies; apologized to our enemies; made us weaker and more vulnurable.

      Told you we weren’t going to agree on this one, M.R.


        • Yes, it is. One of my favorites here in reality is a Liberal – a proud one who loves her Union – and we go to the mats on our differences, but we end up laughing more than swinging a fist. We also end up demanding original source material, sigh, so we do a lot of research to back up our arguments. It’s a great exercise.


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