The United States of America Flag ~ It Means Something

And, while we’re at it, one more before midnight tolls.

Chasing Rabbit Holes

It was dark with that dawn chill as I walked to my car, with light just possibly gracing the sky, stars fading, utter quiet, the grass wet with early morning dew, soft sounds of birds just waking, requiring headlights still as I pulled out of the space and began the drive to work. The streets I drove had become so familiar to me that there were certain blocks that felt like friends. I looked for certain houses to see how they were doing. There is one particular long-winding curvy section that I looked forward to seeing every single morning. For some reason, this road flies more USA flags than any other, except for special holidays. When I would spot the flag, I would know the neighbors were okay, they were doing fine. One house flies another country’s flag underneath the Stars and Stripes; another has the Marine Corps flag underneath…

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