Toilet Training for Adults

Did I catch your attention with the title? In fact, I spent part of Sunday trying to trace a possible leak that might be coming from the toilet.

Now, since I am a renter, why would I invest my time in detecting a leak? Because, she replies promptly, I received my water bill and it jumped by 200 gallons when I haven’t changed my routine in months.

The internet is simply amazing. I had called the water company and they had said look for a leak, most common reason for a jump in usage. Well, alrighty then, time for research, as well as a call to report the problem to management. See, I knew there wouldn’t be a rapid response as it is the weekend and mine clearly isn’t an emergency.

YouTube has demonstrations of how to check and repair a leak. Begin with food coloring. Pour it into the tank (the one with the cover you have to lift off). Wait anywhere from 10, 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the expert. If the water in the bowl has changed color, well then, you’ve got a leak, probably having to do with the rubber seal – easily replaceable.

Righto. I didn’t have food coloring. I went next door, bringing a carton of peach ice cream to sweeten the request. Of course, she had food coloring… and she loves peach ice-cream.

Now to the actual toilet itself. … See that nice picture above? Well, mine isn’t like that. A shelf is built right over the cover, which requires a bit of dexterity to get it out from under the shelf. The angle was bad; I couldn’t see a thing inside the tank. Go get a flashlight. It helped, but the angle was still bad. Well, just nevermind. Unscrew the cap, squirt the stuff in.

My neighbor had given me a four color pack (!) so I had choices. I chose bright green and turning it upside down over the tank, unable to see what I was doing, I squirted the stuff, then a bit more to be sure. That tank was pretty big and I wanted to be sure the color wouldn’t get diluted. Later, I recalled the actual instruction was to “use a few drops.” But, that was later. I corkscrewed myself to see the inside of the tank and was a bit startled to see green dye all over the tank inside handle, the back wall (must have jiggled a bit when squeezing the little bottle), and somehow it had reached as far forward as the toilet paper roll.

Have you ever cleaned up food coloring? It seems cooperative, but it smears everywhere. I kept thinking a paper towel would do it. Oh no, lots of paper towels. I cleaned up the walls and the roll of toilet paper that got splatted, but stopped short of cleaning the tank – the handle and sides are green now. Bright Kelly green.

I waited at least 15, mmmm, maybe 20 minutes. I lifted the toilet seat and peered into the bowl. Nothing. Clear as clear could be. Well then, over to management. We’ll do a meter check and I’m guessing they will have to replace the toilet. Ah, it’s good to be a simple renter and not an owner.

By the way, it is confounding what pops up when you google “toilet images.” Really rather overwhelming. But, I did like this one. It will never happen in a million years, but I can dream:

In truth, this is far more likely:

21 thoughts on “Toilet Training for Adults

  1. Ha. I agree with the second cat picture. I’ve seen that and had to clean it up.

    After I sold my house and moved here, I got a whopping water bill. There was no leak. I was told all those gallons of extra water were due to the toilet running. How come I wasn’t aware of that? I’m interested to hear what the solution to your toilet will be. A new toilet? Really? ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Huntie, there is also a wax seal under the toilet, which could have gone bad as well, hopefully will check that as well. The water leaks and follows the grout line between floor tiles We had one of those and it took 2 trips before it was discovered. I do like that food coloring tip, and will use it in the future. Take care, it seems your 4th weekend will filled with all manner of excitement. Bill


    • Bill, thanks for the tip. I did a quick eyeball and the stuff you squeeze out in a toothpaste-like stream seems okay… But maybe you mean really underneath the toilet and that seal? I think you do because of “wax seal.”

      If you use the food coloring – just use four drops – it goes a long way…. I’ve still got green fingers!


  3. GREAT STORY, Huntie ! – I laughed like anything ! (yes, I am a cruel person …)
    I thought briefly of buying one of those Aussie things for training my cat to wee in the bowl: but honestly, it was just too much trouble – especially with a strop like Lui Stringer !


    • I thought it was pretty funny, too – grin. I should brag about the time I got a contact lense out of the sink elbow drain – back in the days of hard lenses. Rinse well and insert…. grin.

      Yeah, way too much trouble and creepy. Grin


  4. When I saw your title I thought this was going to be about the lack of urine control when COPD patients are coughing! Hahahahahaha! I agree, it’s nice to be a renter when these things happen.


  5. Great blog, Huntie and yes, the title is way up there on the attention scale. (I’d read anyway). As I type, we have a toilet down the hall from my office that’s doing the flushing thing ever so often. Tom always knew how to fix everything but that won’t be happening now. Even if he was well enough, I still wouldn’t ask as it’s too frustrating for him. Since ECT took his memory at age 55, he no longer remembers how to do the things he once knew how to do. When he tries, he becomes angry, but I would too and probably throw things.


  6. I really like the food colouring test. Hopefully I never have the need to try it out.
    … and I’ve had my fair share of shredded toilet paper and paper towel rolls to clean up thanks to my fur face friend!!


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