“Now? Have you lost your mind?!”

Perhaps you have heard something about illegal children crossing our southern border? More than 52,000 unaccompanied minors and 39,000 women with children have been apprehended on the southern border this year. How to handle this surge? Especially since a law passed in 2008 forbids returning children from non-contiguous countries, i.e., El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, which happen to be the three countries most of these children are coming from. This law requires that each case be reviewed to prevent abuse of the children from human trafficking. Imagine the chaos ongoing. Something like 70% our our border patrol are taking care of this constant influx of children. It is not as if the children are sneaking through. No, not all. They walk up and present themselves to the border patrol. President Obama has requested $3.7 Billion to deal with this humanitarian crisis. How much of that proposed $3.7 Billion is to be used to secure the border? If you haven’t read the link I provided: 2.7% or $433 million.

Now I just mentioned the children, but understand we have a serious criminal problem of gang related activity and the drug cartels accompanying this influx of children and adults crossing the border. Wouldn’t logic suggest surging force to our southern border to stem this astounding number of people crossing into our country? Yet, the Obama Administration has determined that out of $3.7 billion, only 2.7% shall go for the protecting our border, and the other 97.3% goes to the Department of Justice, the State Department, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to help with the processing of these children.

Here’s the thing: The world is exploding with the Middle East going up in flames between ISIS or ISIL declaring their territory seized in Syria and Iraq the new Caliphate; the terror group Hamas, now part of the Palestinian government, sending hundreds of rockets into Israel and Israel, in self-defense, pinpoint targeting Hamas rocket sites and shelters, blowing them up. Israel is now poised with their troops on the border to Gaza for a possible ground invasion. That’s just the Middle East in a brief precis, not even going into Iran achieving nuclear weapons status. There is trouble all around the world, gathering strength and speed in violent spasms.

And the best fighting force in the world is receiving pink slips. Yep, the U.S. Army is downsizing due to budgeting and so the ones best equipped and experienced are being fired. Worse yet, those pinks slips are being delivered to men and women fighting in Afghanistan. Every day our all volunteer force puts their lives on the line and defending their very lives in a war zone and they just received notice they’re out of a job. Simultaneously, the Veterans Administration scandal of failing to deliver medical treatment to our current veterans goes on with no solution in sight. Not one person fired. Not one person fired at the IRS. Not one person fired at the Department of Justice. But the force best equipped and experienced in dealing with the enemies of the United States of America are being fired. Huh.

The Governor of Texas has asked President Obama to surge the National Guard on a temporary basis to the southern border to prevent more illegal crossings and to send a clear message back to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala to stop sending their children. That seems reasonable. Except, the National Guard is still being used to back up our all volunteer military in Afghanistan. Yeah, that same place and force receiving pink slips that their services are no longer needed. Huh.

I find myself yelling, “Now? Have you lost your mind?!”

What do you think?

41 thoughts on ““Now? Have you lost your mind?!”

  1. I think the Americans who voted for this “President” are proof of the clear danger that we are in.
    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice~~shame on me!”
    This is way way more than a shame, we are losing America.
    Self-government requires vigilance and work. Many of our countrymen choose entertainment over freedom. We have the “President” we deserve. And we have a very short time to correct course. Perhaps if everyone asked their friends to see the Dinesh D’Souza movie “America,” we could get though to people! Tell them it’s entertaining and get them there!


  2. Hunt, this is a brilliant piece. You get it. For years, analysis by brilliant people in the trenches has outlined the perfect storm that is nearly upon us. The storm that collapses our national defense, our economy, our infrastructure, our government is upon us. One day, America will look up from its smart phone and wonder how this happened.


    • Thanks, Willy. I wasn’t all that pleased with my writing on this, I was just so mad I could no longer contain myself. This has been building for years to critical mass. One of bin Laden’s goals in hitting the World Trade Center was to hit us financially and use the tactic we used on the USSR to end the cold war: force the United States to spend and spend to cover every possible chance of a hit. It’s an impossible task, especially when we refuse to come to terms with the reality of this enemy.


  3. It is deeply alarming that this is the quality of leadership, not only in the USA, but in many other key countries. Western democracy is a failed system. Those least suited for the job wind up with it. And then, get voted back in after all evidence of disaster from the first session is available. it is ludicrous.


    • Col, it is alarming. I have not given up on the idea of Western democracy as a failed system, but it is moving on to life support .

      Hah! A pun! (all our entitlements!)


  4. I shake my head. My country is similarly shooting itself in the foot. I fear a collapse is around the corner. What chaos that will be. I hope not to see it but there is change in the wind. Will it be for the good or not?
    You know how to lay it all out, Huntie. Great post.


  5. Hard to click “like” for the sad pathetic mess happening in so many places. But I wanted to let you know I read and appreciate your sharing this. i don’t know what the answer is, but sticking my head in the sand ain’t it.

    Have a good weekend, Huntie.


  6. Huntie, my poor husband is so tired of my ranting about this mess, he has stopped watching the news. And of course, they always show the helpless little faces of the children as if to berate us for being so selfish. We can’t even look after the children in this country – children living on the streets, in shelters, in cars with their homeless parents, children going to bed hungry and going through another day hungry. We are having a war waged against us – while we are being stormed by these illegal people forcing themselves on us, we are spending our needed resources trying to cope with it and oh how happy the drug cartels and human traffickers are to have us distracted from them. People who are against this country can say we send children back to die and make monsters of us. We are firing our military because of lack of funds, we are making veterans wait for substandard care and yet, we have to deal with this horde of invaders. And don’t even get me started on Israel and Palestine. It’s okay for Palestine to bomb Israel but bad for Israel to defend itself. I hope the people who elected this clueless and tyrannical president are happy with the change he has brought to this country – it has been a steady agenda of bringing this country down and keeping us in crisis mode. I’m sorry Huntie dear, I just went on and on but I can’t help it when I see the country I love being torn apart. You did a great job on this article.


    • Kanzen, we will have a fine conversation on those back porch steps of yours. Re the people being happy with the President they elected, two comments: I am not sure they would notice any difference and they have been conditioned to be unhappy.


  7. Huntie – I replied on my iPad last night and I’m convinced the darn thing must be overtaken by some internet snatcher. This is the 2nd time a comment to you hasn’t gone through and I’ve been suspicious and done a double check. It’s not that my response is so brilliant, it’s me wanting to say to you that your writing on this piece is spectacular. It’s better than any essay I’ve seen in national news magazines. Have you thought of sending it out for publication? I honestly believe you’ve spoken for thousands if not millions of American citizens here and presented it in such a manner that all can understand. Please tell me you are going to set wings to this piece and let it fly. You may realize one of my key legislative followings is the downsizing of our military and how against it I am. I think perhaps I’d best get back to writing about it again as our country is coming apart at the seams and many are standing by and watching it happen. Your writing is superb. Please don’t set this issue aside. I’m reblogging this post and hope others will also. Sheri


  8. Reblogged this on Sheri de Grom and commented:
    This blog written by Huntie at http://chasingrabbitholes.com is one of the best written essays of how we are losing our country one day at a time. Huntie places the issues front and center of what’s happening, how it’s happening and please, can we wake up and do something before it’s too late. I’d planned to post a blog of my own today, but Huntie’s post demanded prompt attention. Might I also suggest you follow this blog. You will not be disappointed. Not only does Huntie have a marvelous intellect but she’s as funny as all get out. Sheri


  9. I agree that the example of what you write about is symptomatic of what the problem is here, however, dont blame one man for all of this. (Please dont do the ad hominum attack on me here. I am not a Democrat!)
    When we give major corporations, who have the political power of an individual to donate to politicians, yet dont pay their share of taxes, because they are not individuals under the tax laws, there is a systemic problem.
    This problem is bigger than the borders. It is a paradigmatic issue. What Jefferson said about a revolution every so often is appropriate dont you think?


  10. Thank you for your post. My thoughts exactly! It is so obvious – every country has to help their own children, veterans, seniors, disabled, and only after that consider helping others. It is how the world could be brought to stability. Another two years until elections – will you guys survive? Do you know who you are going to vote for? The clock is ticking.

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  11. If just saving the children were the real issue here – we’d have no problem except the billions of dollars we owe China – the gov’t can not afford this major issue right now and I believe Obama was quite aware of that fact. What can he possibly be thinking?


    • gpcox, welcome! So glad you took the time to comment. There are a number of theories out there as to how this came about. The idea that this was a surprise is nonsense. The Administration was advertising in January for contractors to provide escort services to 60,000 children.


  12. Hunt, It is without question that our leaders have completely and totally lost their friggin minds. It’s beyond Obama, the problem with Mexico being a pipeline to the USA has been going on for far longer than anyone is willing to admit, and it a problem that may have been less severe today, had something been done 20 years ago, or 30 years ago.

    DOJ was mandated to give these “children” a hearing before sending them back. But budget cuts and incompetence have screwed the pooch. Many of these kids will be educated, clothed, feed, and earning an income they don’t pay taxes on, while they rebuild their homeland society within our walls with our protections.

    The 1st thing that must be done is to shut down the border, to close the door, to prevend access into this country. Because once they are inside our borders they are here, they are our problem, they become our burden. I don’t have a grand solution, but I support the governors of these states doing whatever is necessary to close the door.

    I might actually feel a little different if I felt that these folks coming into the country actually gave a shit for USA, but their allegiance for the most part still lays with their home country no matter how bad the circumstances.

    Sadly yes our military is being given the pink slip. And clearly our government doesn’t give a shit about them. The VA is a crime against the ones who have put their lives on the line, in countries who again don’t give a shit about America, they are dying so some stateside asshole politician, can go look at me save the world.

    Christ I have to stop, this could turn into a real rant. But yes we have lost our friggin minds. Take care, Bill


    • Dear Bill, I thought this might get a passionate response from you. You are right. I would add one more thing – in Texas, on the southern border, Border Patrols are 45 miles in from the border. So, who is actually standing guard on our real border?


      • Huntie, I saw Sheri’s reblog of this and Sheri did a fantastic job of encouraging reading to consume this post and your blog as they should. You are a fantastic writer, and your (fact filled) opinion mirrors my thoughts on about 95 pct of the stuff you write. I love/hate reading you LOL. I love it because it makes me think makes me aware, makes me want to grab our leaders and rub their noses in their urine spots, but I also hate (really too strong a word) it because until we (us citizens) collectively get up off our dead asses and get these pee brains out of office and actually vote in folks that do in fact have America’s best interest at heart, we are up the creek without the paddy, and getting further up that creek daily. I can’t think of a single politician I would vote for again. Not here in FL that’s for sure. Damn if I didn’t start to rant again. You’re a wonderful writer, and I truly love every word you write. Thank you — Bill


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