Keep an eye on…the world

Hot spots around the globe are mounting. If you aren’t paying attention, well… you are probably having a great day. I envy you the ability and willingness to duck, cover and close your eyes and ears as to what is happening. There are a couple you really do not want to hear about, all taking place in the last three days or so. Warning: do not read further if you wish to maintain your tranquility.

Let’s take the latest three. Depending on time zones, two days ago, July 17, Israeli ground forces entered Gaza to rout out tunnels dug by Hamas, a terrorist group, to store and launch weapons and rockets against Israel, as well as a way to enter Israel by digging underneath the wall(s) erected by Israel to keep Palestinian terrorists out of Israel. This air and ground offensive was in response to Hamas firing hundreds of rockets into Israel. In June, 2014, Hamas joined the Fatah Palestinian government in an official political capacity, no longer just operating as a terrorist group. Here’s the thing: the United States lists Hamas as a terrorist group and yet, we are now still giving $440 Million in aid to the Palestinians, thus aiding those who want Israel annihilated.

Next up: A Malaysian airline plane was shot out of the sky, killing 298 passengers and crew on July 17 and scattering bodies and body parts over a 10 mile radius in the disputed territory of the Ukraine. The dispute is between the Ukrainian government and Russian separatists. The plane went down in the area controlled by the Russian separatists, about 20 miles from the Russian border. The surface to air missile is said to have been an SA-11, made by a Russian defense company, that just, coincidentally, on the evening of July 16 was sanctioned by the U.S. government, along with at least seven other Russian companies. There are recorded transmissions between the Russian separatists and Russian “advisers.” Despite an international outcry and multiple investigation teams sent to view the wreckage, the investigation teams have been stalled or granted very little access to the debris field. The dead are lying in 80 degree heat and have been for two days. The black boxes are said to have been immediately found, seized and sent to Moscow.

Third: The July 20, 2014 deadline talks with Iran over its nuclear program has been extended an additional four months into November. Iran has conducted a proxy war, sponsoring and using Hamas to wreak havoc on Israel, as has Syria, a client state of Iran.

Russia and Iran’s greatest export is oil. Europe is heavily dependent on Russia for their oil needs. If we truly want to deal a blow to both Russia and Iran, we could immediately announce all regulations off our developing oil independence, and our desire to supply Europe and our allies with oil. The Keystone pipeline project with Canada is just one avenue. Latest developments in fracking have analysts predicting that the U.S. will outpace Saudi Arabia in oil production by 2015.

One announcement, one change in energy policy, no shots fired, no U.S. lives risked. Huh.

Just a thought.

17 thoughts on “Keep an eye on…the world

    • Well, my first thought in answer to your question, Tess, is that we have an election coming up in November that is extraordinarily important. At this moment in time, we have a Democrat as President and Democrats hold the majority in the Senate, while Republicans hold the majority in the House. If the Republicans maintain their majority in the House AND take the Senate that has possibilities of truly changing the course the U.S. has been since President Obama took office in 2009. His Democratic base is very much anti fossil fuel, loves the green possibilities. For the Democrats to embrace an all out surge on oil independence…. the likelihood is slim and none.


  1. How can anyone avoid all that’s going on. I try to limit my exposure but the minute I open my computer, there it is.

    On a more pleasant note: my hubby finally got back to me on your manual and said, “it’s very good, helpful, and not a lot of extraneous things.” He was smiling when he said it, just a few minutes ago. This is my compliance report to you, my dear friend Huntie. 🙂 ❤ (hope this helps a tiny itsy bitsy bit to balance some of the s–t going down world-wide)


    • Bless you, Paulette and your wonderful husband. Clearly, he is wonderful! Grin. Ask him to stay tune, we have a couple of more chapters. I believe he’ll enjoy the last one. Thanks for passing on his kind words. 🙂 ❤


    • Thank you, Sheri. I distinctly remember the days, weeks and months following 9/11. I would take the bus to work and listen as everyone exchanged news. Many admitted that they simply could not stand hearing any more and had shut down their TVs. I envy those who can do that. I do not appear to be one of them, and I find the media have their own agenda as well, so you must search out multiple sources of news and analysis. I know I’m preaching to the choir here (hah – there’s the missing preaching!) Have a good Sunday, Sheri.


      • Huntie – I’ve often thought perhaps we need to change over to calling our bloggs to something like, “Truth In Blogging.” Then the by-line could be, “The truth and Nothing But The Truth.” We were at dinner last night with several friends and ‘they were all talking about your blog and how it had made them sit up and think. It made for lively table conversation. At least no one wanted to throw food, as far as I can tell!


        • Good Lord, Sheri! My blog is dinner conversation?! Grinning – well, who knew?! (re blog telling truth and nothing but…. I would have to say, truth to the best of my knowledge – in our info age, there are so many false rabbits out there, I try to let the dust settle a bit before commenting).


          • Huntie – If more of us tell the truth and nothing but the truth, perhaps more individuals will catch on to just how important it is to do research before they write or speak. I have friends who don’t blog but they read my blog and when I reblog something, they know how important I believe that work is. You, my friend, are putting out some great work. Please keep it up. Others are reading your work for themselves and not subscribing. It’s a crazy world.


  2. Hunt, I don’t watch much news, but I do pay attention to what is going on. The time have been changing for a long long time. And while the US maybe run by crooks and criminals, Russia is run by a NUT, a NUT that fully supports killing as a means to the end he desires. The thought that our leaders actually believe a word he utters is beyond me. Of course being an avid reader of your blog, I get the slant on the available information from a source I trust. Our world scares me, the fact that the US could be the Major producer of oil but our leaders will choose to sit on their friggin hands until their personal pockets are stuffed with our money and lives before they even consider doing anything just pisses me off to no limits. Criminals should not be allowed to hold office, they should not be allowed security clearances that shows them when and where to be greedy, and they shouldn’t be making decisions on money issues. They have proven they can’t be trusted. Christ I see a rant beginning, time to stop. Take care, Bill


    • Bill, I understand the need to rant when you and I and others see the U.S. fading out with barely a whimper. We have been blessed for over 69 years to live more or less in peace. The last few generations have no concept of how blessed they have been, nor are they taught history. We are exceptional and we have been exceptional in the best and truest sense of the word. Sadly, we are going to have to reclaim that title or disappear.


  3. I hate that these things are happening in our world, but I like your idea of severing ties with the Middle East & Russia as sources of oil to hurt them in their pocket books. Without our money, they will find it more difficult to carry on their wars, right?


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