Time to say: “Thank you.”

For those who do not blog here at WordPress, statistics or “stats” may seem a boring subject. Mmm, not so much here at Chasing Rabbit Holes. Elby, That Cat says stats are catnip to his senses. Ella barks in sharp, noisome agreement. Me? I just beam when I see a sudden spurt of growth in interest of what we write here. At this moment in time, we just passed the 18,000 view mark! That means that this site, since December 2012, has grown to the point where there have been 18,075 views, visits, if you will. Today, we may pass the 5,500 mark for comments (we’re at 5,492 comments). In fairness, I think they count my responses in that tally, so make of that what you will. I am delighted that I am very close to having 500 followers (448!).

One of my favorite past-times is to see which posts have garnered attention. As always, the Champion Bohemian Kick boxer meets U.S. Marine still flourishes with 684 views. However, it got beat out by I just wanna see you be brave with 1,304 views! Red Rocket Shoes to Make You Fly! comes in at 233. It is impossible to know what will catch a reader’s attention, so I’ve always written what is in my heart, on my mind, and left it to my readers to determine their interest.

What I do love though (in quasi-secrecy) is to look over the day’s list of posts viewed and to spot a title I don’t remember. Since December 2012, I have written over 420 posts, so the odds are high I’ll forget one or two…. grin. Yesterday, the Useless Box popped up. I had no idea why I’d write something about a useless box. Laughter, I do now. Pretty cute!

The Teddy Bear one still gets attention (124 views). And this one about Perfect in its Imperfection was a huge hit at the time, but few see it these days. There are 420 of these children of mine and each means a great deal to me. At the time I wrote them, I was putting my heart and mind on display and oftentimes, that took courage and guts to do so.

Thank you to all of you that have come and read once, twice or every day. Without you, it would be the sound of one hand clapping. You are dearly appreciated. Thank you.

28 thoughts on “Time to say: “Thank you.”

  1. Hunt, You have a wonderful blog, that draws interests from a vast community of folks, who appreciate your sense of right and wrong, who agree with your political views and find you intersting on many levels. I know I am one of those individuals. So I am not the least bit surprised by your numbers, LMAO hell I might even have contributed. You keep writing as you do, and your numbers will continue to grow as they have grown. Take care, Bill.


  2. Woo hooooo. Dem’s nice numbas. I should take a look underneath the hood at my place.

    I don’t recall how I tripped over your threshold, Huntie, but here I am and glad of it. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    More power to YOU.


    • Hi Col, first: thank you! Second: finding your stats:
      Below, I carefully wrote out instructions, but then I went to your site – off on the right, way, way down at the bottom, it states that you have 696 followers! May you hit 700 this weekend!

      On your home page, (mine is on the upper left side) is the title/name of your blog, then a button to click to Follow your blog, and then visible to you only is a “graph-like” button with a horizontal line and lots of vertical lines – click on that and it takes you to all of your stats. The number of your followers is down towards the bottom of that page.


  3. And we are so very thankful for you!!!! I love your blog. My poor little bland blog pales in comparison. Every time I think I’m gonna get edgier, I eat some homemade ice cream and poor! edges become puffs.


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