I gotta get me one of these!

Those clever Aussies have me wanting to go camping! Even I could do this:

And, no, it is not cheap, but my word, it is efficient! They’ve many versions, which you can explore here:


19 thoughts on “I gotta get me one of these!

  1. Hunt, that is one hell of a trailor,with the TV’s and sound system it is almost up to the quailty of a Motel 6, which to me is roughing it. For me to go “camping” it would have to be with a very very special person. Yet, having said all that, it’s still one hell of a neat little camper. Take care, Bill


  2. Shit a brick ! – I never heard of these before !
    I note that there are no prices mentioned; but then, if you consider the price of even a small caravan, it’s fairly horrendous.
    How did you come across this video, Huntie ?


    • Facebook, M.R., she answered promptly. I did supply the website and they do have the prices there. This was one of the most costly at $55,000 plus AUD. You do know the Aussies are famous at these small “houses,” right? This is designed for terrain crossings and camping, but you’ve some lovely designs you can just plunk down on a piece of land (or the backyard). Grin. When you go to the site, look at the top or once you are in and they have a price catalog for each model.


      • K55 is as nozzink for this ! – you can pay a shitload more for a decent caravan.
        Stringer and I would’ve loved to be grey nomads; but we could never have afforded one of these. Sighh …


  3. Camping, absolutely not, no way, never. Make that under no circumstances. Tom and I agreed before we married that our idea of roughing it would be grading down from a 5 or 4 star hotel to a 3 and then for no more than 2 nights. We demand much from our nights away from home (those we have control of and are not connected to a hospital). Give us total privacy, turn down service with a chocolate on our pillow, at least 3 major newspapers at our door for when we do decide to get up and I’d list the rest but don’t want to bore you. There was really nothing to discuss about camping because we both felt the same way. Tom was an Eagle Scout but he still said no to camping.


  4. A little small for me! Hubby & I had a dream to buy an RV & travel all over the continent sight seeing. I wanted to try to get a writing gig, writing for a tourist magazine or something to support us.


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