18 thoughts on “Has God Gone Fishing?

  1. Oh Huntie, what a sad, sad article. Has God gone fishing? No He hasn[‘t. But the humans He created and gave free will have certainly gone into a dark and merciless place – by their own choosing and by that God given free will. So many of us choose to chase after hate, money, war, celebrity, meaningless relationships, maintaining a government that currently equates to tyranny and elitism.
    We are so bound to this earth and MY needs and MY stuff and MY privileges, and MY opinions….We forget to look up and outward.
    God is still there and unfortunately, until the time comes for his defeat, so is satan. Too many times we listen to that evil and seductive voice, based on the free will given to us by a loving God. We are not puppets on strings being manipulated, we are humans who choose to be manipulated by selfishness, bigotry, ignorance, the news media, the next big thing…I thank God that many have used their free will to choose to merciful, forgiving, kind, giving and focusing on their souls and the souls of people they come into contact with, people who look upward with hope and who live with faith: ” Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Hebrews 11:1 NLT” God has not gone fishing, but we have gone to a place where He is not. As Einstein said, “God does not play dice with the universe.” God still hears us. It is we who are deaf. I would fight to the death to defend my faith, my family, my friends. And BTW, this country was not founded on slavery – it was founded by the greatest of freedoms: freedom to worship, freedom of religion.


    • You write what is in my heart, Kanzen. We do have the gift of free will and what many people want is to not have to exercise the effort involved in free will. “Give me the rules, tell me what to do, so I can get on with living.” Sigh. And, so often, religions seem to provide that security. Or we go to the other extreme where we declare there is no God, no true morality, everything is relative. Sigh. It is not, but it takes time to understand that. Hopefully, we will have the time.


  2. An excellent article.
    Indeed. I have noticed that our values have downgraded, the first downfall. The constant turmoil worldwide worries me. I am afraid someone, somewhere will make a mistake of no return. We have become too complacent as well, too comfortable. What’s next?


    • You echo my own fear, Tess. I feel like I’m in a theater watching a train wreck. Up above, Kanzen wrote that the USA was founded on the greatest of freedoms: the freedom to worship, freedom of religion. What an amazing idea that was. Where no one single religion dictated to another; where a person could follow whatever they conceived God to be, so long as others were also free to worship as they conceived God to be and we agreed to do this without harming one another. Seeing religious wars play out in real time makes me truly understand how lucky we have been.


    • I hope you glance around his site – and read some more of his posts, Bill. Like you, much is found in the commentary of his readers. Believe me, it is a hard hitting post and takes time to digest. Note how little I said!


  3. I would fight for my kids, to the death if need be. I would stand in front of them if they were threatened with a gun & try to shield them with my body. I would have trouble standing in front of them if it were a snake though, they might have to peel me off the ceiling.


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