What’s for dinner, Huntie? Banana Pudding Cake with Whip Cream!

Yesterday at this time, I was bustling in my kitchen preparing one of my dear friend, Kanzen’s recipes. Kanzen calls it the Easy Peasy Banana Pudding Cake….

Psst, hit that link and wish Kanzen and her husband a happy 14th wedding anniversary!

Well, as you do… I needed to improvise with what I had on hand. Kanzen was kind enough to advise on substitutions to lower the calories. Yeah, right, that is just what I want to do. Pheph! My interests as a chemist tilt in the opposite direction – the more calories, the more joy and satisfaction I take in the concoction. Those of you who read me know I’ve been trying to gain weight without much success – up an ounce, down two. I’ve been at 78 lbs. since June when I surrendered and bought myself my first weight scale and drove myself mad jumping on it every hour on the hour. That grew old fast. Now, I weigh myself every morning after my first morning cup of coffee while in my pajamas. Here’s the thing: my scale insists in big bold letters that if the scale is moved, you must reset it, which you do by stepping on it – it flashes a weight, usually a couple of pounds higher than my actual weight. Step off, the system shuts down. Step back on and this time, you get an accurate read. Well, I had to hide the scale under the couch because it was making me insane and I couldn’t pass it without stepping on it, thus, I have to pull it out from under the couch each morning, settle it on the kitchen floor and do the stepping on and off thang.

Due to my improvisation, this recipe had three stages for me. First, make the package cake – easy peasy. I chose yellow cake and made it in a 9 x 13 pan. Done and done. Set aside to cool.

Stage 2 – make the pudding per instructions on the box. Called for two boxes of banana pudding using a total of four glasses of milk. Couple of setbacks here. No banana pudding on hand…. easy fix, one package of vanilla and one package of custard. Not enough milk – I’ve been drinking cartons of it, but I did have a quart of half and half on hand…. Done and done. Have you ever tried to stir constantly on medium heat until the liquid comes to a full boil? Takes F O R E V E R !!! While stirring constantly, okay… I snuck away for a minute (turned my back on the pudding) and poked holes in the cake with a wooden spoon handle – seemed to breaking natural laws to mar a perfectly good cake, but turned out to be kinda fun. Next time, I’m going for even bigger holes (note to self). No harm to the pudding when I turned back – takes forever, remember? Finally came to a boil – pour over the cake immediately. Astounding how fast that stuff sets even when hot. Had to use pot holders when moving the cake pan around, it sucked up the heat.

Quick, peel and cut up 2 1/2 bananas – I did three – in for an ounce, in for a pound, remember? Toss ’em with some lemon juice – adds flavor and works to keep them from turning brown. Place the pieces all over the cake, on top of the pudding soaked cake. Done and done!

Stage 3 – well… I didn’t have any cool whip on hand, so I made my own whip cream – Devonshire Whip Cream to be precise… Danger, Danger, Danger – do not read further unless you want a taste of the divine…. Take a pint of heavy whipping cream and beat it with a mixer. Note: you would probably be patient enough to stay on low speed, which one should do… I hit the medium speed after about 15 seconds and cleaned the side of the refrigerator afterwards. As the whip cream becomes a reality, becoming stiffy – nice caps like on a sweeping wave – start adding some confectioner’s sugar (powdered sugar) and squeezing in some fresh lemon juice – there is no measurement for this – it is determined by your taste buds, so pause and taste as you go, keep that little mixer beating, adding more as you go of the sugar and lemon. Doesn’t take long at all. Here’s where I hit the wall….

The recipe calls for spreading the whip cream on top of the banana pudding cake before refrigerating it for an hour… my cake pan was still radiating heat and, having just made my own whip cream, I didn’t want it to melt… I shoved the cake on the top shelf of the refrigerator, nudging and moving stuff shelf to shelf, and the bowl whip cream was gently placed on a lower shelf – big bowl, very little room. Now, walk away and let it all chill for about an hour. Hard to do, but I did it. Done and done!

I ate it for dinner. I know, I know… some people would have dinner and then eat it. Why? Life is short, guys! I carved the cake into eight large pieces, scooped out one piece – tough, mind you, kind of split into two on the way out of the pan. Filled up a deep dish bowl and topped it with dollops (giggle) mountains of whip cream. I ate the whole thing. Mind, I had to pause halfway thru – this is a dish that will anchor you to this planet, but I was soon back at the trough bowl and didn’t stop until it was empty. Verdict: H E A V E N

Got on the scale this a.m. – 80.4 lbs – HAPPY DANCE TIME – I gained six ounces. Yes!, Yes!, Yes! (Mind, Kanzen says you have to eat the entire cake in 24 hours – sorry, kid, that ain’t happening, but I’m going for another bowl tonight, and then another bowl and another and… well, you get the idea. Grin. Want some?

30 thoughts on “What’s for dinner, Huntie? Banana Pudding Cake with Whip Cream!

  1. Honey Lamb, I do like how you cook. and it sounds dee-vine. Devonshire cream is the stuff heavenly clouds are made of and what a wonderful use for it…this cake. if I had eaten what Huntie ate, I’d be comatose and a hundred pounds heavier towards morning. We have opposite metabolisms. I do like this post and I hope all your buds in the Blogosphere gives this a go…and use the Devonshire cream. and if making your own custard, do as Huntie and let cake cool so that heavenly cream doesn’t melt. I do hope Ella and Elby, that Cat! got a lick or two…<3 ❤ ❤


    • Kanzen – so delightful you were my first reader and commenter! Yes, indeed, Ella, the Greythound, and Elby, That Cat! lapped with delight – Ella, long nose down in the bowl, paws gripping it in place and Mister Elby, That Cat! licked it delicately off my fingers – I had the whip cream on one and the pudding on another. He pronounced it F I N E stuff! Ella wanted seconds, of course. Grin. ❤ ❤ ❤


        • I swear it by my ancestors, Kanzen! You and Ella must be in telepathic mode. As I was reading your message, I saw something fly by in my side vision – Ella had sneaked thief-ed one of my moccasins and was playing catch with it – woofing to get my attention… We do this game of slapping the ground and wrestling – I threw the moccasin up in the air and she shot up and out ~ racing the room, which is an obstacle course – back and forth like a, like a, well like a professional racer – zooming hither and thon, turning on a dime and back again – my rug looks like I vacuumed! She left nail tracks!


          • Go Ella!!! Yes indeedy. She definitely needs some more of that cake….She may be retired, but she is still a consummate professional. I love the thought of her zooming and zipping about.


            • It was her first in the house – she has no interest in toys, but she clocks those treats and you, apparently! Grin. She was magical and very funny and impressive!


  2. Hunt, of course I would love some, and I would ,love to sit there and watch you consume bowl after bowl, and then onto the scale. I suspect after all that pudding you scale bust at 80.9, but remember dear no exercise, we don’t want to lose the ground you worked so hard to gain.What frosts me is that you would only gain a 1/2 pound eating it, and I would gain 2 pounds watching you prepare it. Damn ! ! LOL. Have a great day and enjoy the feast. Bill

    PS, if I were to eat everything that Kanzen prepares that I like I would be the size of the Met Life Blimp111 Take care, Bill


    • Oh, Bill, it was so good! I ran into my neighbors and managed to tempt them with two gigantic pieces – that’s three down and another five for me to eat… Wouldn’t that be a party if we got all the bloggers in one place – chowing down and chatting up!


  3. Pure torment for those of us on the other side of the weight issue.
    I enjoyed it vicariously, though. 🙂
    And I’m beyond impressed that you had heavy whipping cream on hand!


    • M.R. ~ it’s Wednesday – and on Monday pre-cake, I weighed 79.8 lbs; (36 kg; 196.67 grams); Tuesday a.m. (post-cake Monday p.m.) 80.4 lbs (468.82 grams); and today …81.4 lbs. (922.42 grams)- Y.E.S. !!!!!

      A gain of 725.75 grams! I am a wee piggy! Big grin!


      • So there’s yer answer, eh ? – you and Kanzen have to get together and have her supply you with endless disgustingly sinful recipes of the kind, that you stuff into yer gob with huge pleasure.
        Gosh. It just isn’t FAIR ! [whinge …]


        • I know, M.R. – something like only 10% of the population has this type of metabolism – you should have heard my family – there were four kids – 2 boys, 2 girls – one boy and one girl got this metabolism and the other two got the normal metabolisim – not happy campers!


          • Like me and my siblings: I was the ONLY fat one – meaning the only one with the slow metabolism. The other four were a bit like you, but not with your health problems of course … Genes are weird.
            KEEP EATING, HUNTIE !!!!!!


  4. I can’t wait for an occasion to make this now for sure. Missed out last weekend for company, but time got away on me.
    I can’t believe you only had one piece. I drooled as I read this post. This does sound worth the effort. Can’t wait. 😀 ❤ ❤


  5. You are indeed creative with a recipe, Huntie. I absolutely hate to go into the kitchen for anything but the cake does sound wonderful. My alpine strawberries are almost ready to pick and although I’d have to have large holes to put them in the cake, I might simply make layers of the cake and place the strawberries between the layers. Oh, heck. I don’t know. All I do know is that I have to load the dishwasher before I go to bed tonight!


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