“If Not Now, When?”

Don’t get too comfortable, this could be coming to a town near you.

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
If I am only for myself, what am I?
And if not now, when?”

Rabbi Hillel

This will not end well, not for any of us. I have no desire to turn parts of the world into a glass parking lot, but it may very well come down to it. You cannot negotiate with terrorists.

23 thoughts on ““If Not Now, When?”

  1. Huntie – How or when will this stop. I don’t think it will stop in my life time or yours. In my opinion the United States had no business entering the Iraq war. These battles have been going on since biblical times, and while they are horrific, the prices we are paying are horrific. I have to consider that 1 in 10 veterans are disabled for life, 45% of homeless veterans suffer from mental illness and the mental illness is the direct result of the Iraq war (we don’t have statistics for Afghanistan yet since the war isn’t officially over), suicides among the active duty military is now 1 in every 24 hours and almost double the number we have lost to combat casualties. When are we going to say enough and take care of our own. Our own include the elderly and children that are dying of hunger and homelessness on the streets of our nation. I’m also afraid of our sky-rocketing national debt. We know if China calls our loan today, we cannot make the payment. What will our consequences be? My question, if we don’t start looking out for our country now, then when?

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    • That is why these hot spots will become areas of glass, Sheri. Their stated intention is to bring it home to us. Sadly, we will have to take a couple of hits to come to that realization.


  2. You cannot negotiate with them, you cannot reason with them. You cannot discuss with them, you cannot actually talk to them.
    They are mad with power and hate, and that’s the bottom line.
    All you have to do is cast you eyes over what Jewish peoples do with their time and what Arabic peoples do with theirs: one group sows and reaps and develops and the other hates.
    There will never be an end to this.


  3. Mr, T the original writer have written a tremendous post that I reblog, it would have been more appropriate that his name is mentioned as he said in his site.


  4. Seeker, I did not link to your site, but to the original writer’s site, Bipolar-Reb. Neither of you appear pleased to have it get the attention Bipolar-Reb stated was his intention. My apologies. HuntMode


  5. Hunt, You again have found a homerun or a runhome. Striking the “this” button was a visual I didn’t want to see but I needed to see. We hear daily about the war, we hear daily about the atrocities be committed in the name of God, and I don’t care who’s God, just that they are being committed in his name. Steph and I talked about this on our way home from church this morning, and she couldn’t understand how groups of peoples who believe in their single god, use the same bible, could be so evil, and so bent on the complete and total destruction of the other sect. The only way I can wrap my hands around this is if I equate it to this as Modern Day Crusades, or another example the Catholics and Protestants struggles of the 50’s and 60’s in Ireland. These examples don’t make it acceptable, but it allows me to mentally grasp the conflict. There is one significant difference between those I mentioned and ISIS. I believe the ISIS will just continue and continue to overrun Christian based countries and as they do will gather strength and forces that will be pretty damn hard to stop and contain. Drastic measures will need to be taken. It really might be time to drag out the war machine. As always Huntie, you put good words on paper. Take care, Bill


    • Dear Bill, this morning I was catching up on a Congressional hearing on the outbreak of Ebola that was held this past Thursday. The objective to first contain, then eradicate Ebola and the health protocols to achieve that objective sounded eerily similar to what is and will be needed to stamp out ISIS/ISIL and the like. We are not there yet. It is my belief we will get there or perish. I sincerely hope I am wrong.


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