24 thoughts on “Robin Williams ~ Rest in Peace

  1. We cannot know the demons he fought, He masked them behind an infectious grin and engaging personality. Though he has found his peace, we are left to wonder and feel the sadness of the loss.


  2. Huntie, I think this is possibly the first time since he became an adult that he could be said to be at peace …
    Too frenetic, too driven … almost too funny, if you know what I mean.
    But nothing should push a man to that – somewhere along the line somebody didn’t help him.


  3. We’ve lost a real teaching opportunity through this brilliant man. He was open and honest in his own interviews many times over when talking about being bipolar. Now his suicide is being portrayed as deep clinical depression. The only slight reference in all the news clips I’ve watched is one of an interview he did with NPR wherein he makes a reference to his times of being manic. He medicated himself over and over with liquor and drugs instead of taking medications for bipolar disorder as those medications dull the creative senses. That’s often the reason 1 of every 5 suicides is someone that’s BP. It’s as though there’s this dirty little secret and we still can’t let it out of the closet.
    The medications for BP also cause the trembling that masks Parkinson’s Disease. Tom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease until he was taken off all his medication and then the shaking went away. Parkinson’s is another one of those neurological diseases that there’s no test to confirm. The doctors diagnose it by the symptoms. There are so many side affects with BP medications it’s no wonder so many don’t want to take them. Thankfully Tom has a wonderful doctor and the meds he’s on wash out of his system. We do have the residual affects of all the meds he took before we found his current doctor.
    Additionally, if an individual takes only anti-depressants and they are BP it makes the disease many times worse than if they take the mood stabilizing medications. Gurr!!!


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