17 thoughts on “Well now, here’s a thought…

  1. Letting go is a good thing, but why do we have such a hard time doing so? A simple action–easy and freeing–yet we clutch and resist.

    My goodness, I hadn’t thought about this. An intriguing quote, Huntie. Baggage weighs us down, better to move forward free and unencumbered. ❤


    • I’ve been reading lately on how we were created to be in a 24 hour cycle. We seem to lug all this baggage from the past, clinging fiercely as though someone might steal it if we didn’t hold so tightly to it. Then, if that is not enough weight, we fling our minds forward into the future, worrying what ifs. No wonder we’re so tired. What would it feel like to truly start fresh every morning and stay in that mood until bedtime? !!! ❤


      • *bangs head on table* So true.

        The BBQ I went to this past weekend, we carpooled. One of the ladies told us about a wonderful outlook. For one whole day, no matter what anyone asks you, say YES! (and mean it) and make it work–no matter what you answered yes to.. Puts everyone in a great mood and opens you up to all kinds of wonderful possibilities. Revs up the psyche. ❤


        • Being the cautious creature I am, Tess, (grinning), I would start with an hour’s commitment to saying “Yes” to everything anyone asked…. But I would do so wholeheartedly.


          • That’s the idea: to do it wholeheartedly. Apparently, just one day and you will see a difference, gain new experiences , and you change with being so open and happy. It makes you HAPPY. I haven’t been able to try this because I haven’t been out of the house except to the grocery store yesterday and the book store the day before. Don’t talk to many people in the sorting room or while shelving. 😀


  2. Hunt, I see so much about forgetting to forgive or forgive to forget in this. I truly love this, and it really helps me on so many levels. The chocolate bread thing is very appealing to me. Mom from time to time would make us kids chocolate covered biscuits for dinner. Clearly she had no intention of putting us to bed at 8pm. LOL LOL take care, be safe. Bill


    • Oh, Bill! “…chocolate covered biscuits for dinner.” God, I remember those days before the food police! In my family, my mother worked for a bank and Friday was the exception, the bank stayed open until 6:00 (I think). On Friday nights, we each got to have whatever we wanted for dinner, so long as we made it. 🙂


  3. It’s funny because I said something very similar to my hubby just the other day. He still has such animosity for his first 2 wives whereas I have no feelings about my ex-husband. What happened with my first hubby is in the past, I cannot change what happened. It can only hurt me if I let it control me now.


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