Brainiac Fund ~ A Salute to Some Friends of Mine

Yesterday (by time of this posting), I wrote a post that was way too long (1,800 words or so) and along the way, I mentioned the potential of the Brainiac Fund. I’d like to highlight a few in that brain pool:

With great joy, I read yesterday that

    Bill Hamilton of Dealing With COPD

announced he was invited, accepted and has now been hired to write 1-2 articles (500-700 word) per month about his experiences with his COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). I am bursting buttons proud to hear this for him! He initially started his blog with the thought he might help maybe another or, gee whiz, maybe 10 people with their experiencing of COPD. I think he’s got 355 plus followers. Sadly, his condition has worsened and he’s coming down to, as he puts it, final retirement, i.e., no comebacks – best case scenario maybe a year, maybe less. Knowing Bill, maybe more. For me the saddest is when a person achieves success after their death and never gets to know they really did have an impact on their world. Whatever the time Bill has, he KNOWS he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Stop on by and tell him so. Share time with a man who knows how to live well and who cares enough to pass it forward.

Again, with great pleasure, I read two recently published articles by one of my best readers, Tess a/k/a Let’s Cut the Crap of How the Cookie Crumbles. It absolutely dovetailed with yesterday’s post. I asked why I hadn’t heard of these and her modesty dumbfounded me. “About the publications, I try to rein in my enthusiasm. I want to jump up and down and tell it to the world, but really, everybody’s writing and stuff and I’m just a small pebble of sand. Excited? You bet! … I hug myself.” Well, I would too, in fact, while we are at it, I would do something another good friend taught me. I would, when all by myself, kiss the back of my hand and rub it on my cheek, first on the right and then on the left. Try it. It is quite an act of kindness to oneself. That being said, good news needs to be heard around the world and I am so delighted for Tess. Stop on by and tell her, would you?

And, now, we come to the true professional analyst of these three, Sheri de Grom. It is never wise to provoke an analyst. They know where the bones are buried. Sheri turns a honed eye and pen loose on how we treat patients and health law. Dull stuff, you say? Hah! This woman was a Barnes & Noble book buyer – she not only knows what sells, but how to sell it. She spent five years on Capitol Hill. She makes the details of Medicare and the need to know how to protect you or a loved one, why we need reform today, not tomorrow vital and engaging. So much so, I come to the end of one of her posts with regret there isn’t more. She not only knows the info from an analyst point of view and expertise, she’s been on the receiving end and has come out hunting bear. Stop by and see if you agree. You or someone you love might need her.

What do my first three have in common? One way or another, they are retired. You can’t just turn a good brain off. And when a brainiac starts to communicate, it is always a good thing to listen up.

13 thoughts on “Brainiac Fund ~ A Salute to Some Friends of Mine

  1. Wow!. Huntie. You blow me away. I’m at a loss for words. What did I ever do to meet someone like you. You have been nothing but encouraging and thoughtful and much too generous. What a shout out this is. Thank YOU. ❤ Bill and Sheri, I can see as tremendously deserving. They bring so much to the table. Me? Not so much, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. One day, we MUST have coffee together. 😉 'k?


    • Dear Tess, we take our own skills and talents for granted. I read somewhere the hardest thing for God is to get us to believe in ourselves enough to become the divine creatures He designed us to be. Keep up the good work, you Brainiac. Oh, I take my coffee black and I’ll be there! 🙂


  2. There are times we simply have to let people know about some of our contacts, eh, Huntie ? And in your case, the condition and its spruiking in terms of seeking solutions can only be paramount; so that those able to do it stand large in your world. Good on ’em !
    I follow Sheri, too; and although she writes of the American experience, I find it fascinating and often locally relevant.


  3. Great post and thanks for the leads 🙂 I’ve retired several times from completely different fields of study. I’m running out of time to start new careers and finish them with more retirement. That puts me in the perfect spot to kick my feet up and bloviate profusely to up and coming adventurers in life. After much deserved disregard to my nuggets of inanity, I leave them to discover on their own, chaos can be quantified and often well ordered. On the other hand, a true Braniac should never be ignored.


  4. Dear Hunt, I owe you an apology, I saw this the day it was posted, and marked it unread, meaning upon meaning to come back to it. I won’t lie I got caught up in events, and after the exchange about my good fortune yesterday I didn’t think further about it. But then I saw a comment regarding this and I said “OH SHI……!!!!! Huntie, I am tickled to death with your comment and this post. You have been one of my biggest supporters, and we see eye to eye (not really I am almost a foot taller, and being 5.8 that’s not saying a lot) on so many topics and issues. Your recognition and inclusion of me in the Brainiac Fund is marvelous.

    Yes, you are 1000 percent correct, I have succeeded beyond any hope I had when I typed that first one word.

    Now you have coupled me with two bloggers I truly admire; Tess of “How the Cookie Crumbles” and Sheri “From the literary and legislative trenches.” What nicer company can a guy keep.

    Soon Huntie you will be retired and take your rightful place at the head of the table. Thank you so much for this recognition. I am getting a serious case of the big heads.

    Take care, Bill


    • Oh, Lord, Bill! You of all people – be careful using the word, retirement! As of April 14, the U.S. Government determined I was retired by awarding me Social Security Disability due to COPD. It has taken me a while to grasp that I am well and truly retired. Just the other day, someone asked if I was retired and I answered “Yes.” for the first time with no qualifier.

      I have been like a little kid at Christmas time waiting for you and Sheri to get around to reading this. Tess, bless her heart, was the first. There is such pleasure and joy in the giving of praise – to know people who have earned it and to shout out to the world, “Look! There are GREAT people in the world!”


  5. Huntie – Some have said I couldn’t be stunned into silence. Well, you my friend, with your exquisite kindness have done just that. I caught your breakfast for dinner blog last night while reading from my iPad. I have a rule that I normally don’t read certain blogs from my iPad. Blogs such as yours and Bill’s and Tess’s and maybe 25 others or so. I want to read your blogs in the peace of my office where I have time to think and sit back in my chair and ‘feel’ your words around me.
    Yesterday happened to be one of those very rare days when I couldn’t stay awake.
    Thank you ever so much for your kindness and what an honor to be in the company of Bill and Tess. Thank you again, you are indeed special.


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