Best damn dinner, evah!

I’ve been wanting this for five days, but every night, I waited too long and my stomach growled – “No! Can’t wait that long!” Tonight, I perservered. Might have something to do with going to bed about 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. and waking at 2:00 p.m. Whoa! Haven’t slept that late since my teens!

So, what was for dinner?

A skillet-full of crispy hash browns, 4 eggs over easy (on top of the hash browns so the yolk would drip all over ’em), 6 pieces of crispy bacon, and five slices of fresh tomato.

As close an image as I can find:

But mine was bigger and better! And, I ate it all! Every damn bite of it. Whatever the singular of hash browns, that’s all that was left for Ella!

19 thoughts on “Best damn dinner, evah!

      • Gosh ! – 3/8 of a pound ! Let’s see then … at that rate, you could stuff your little face every single day, and in 45 or so days you’d’ve gained a stone !!!
        There you go, Huntie: how to gain weight in six and a half weeks …
        But, come to think of it, you’d be so sick of that fry-up that you scream at the sight of it … [grin]


  1. That’s some dinner! If I had all that, I’d have to have a nap. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ I just perked a pot of coffee and haven’t had breakfast yet. I wouldn’t mind a little of that myself. I’m salivating here. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Hunt, I am so damn proud of you on many levels, god I LOVE Breakfast, and you had a feast. And being totally honest I never thought I would know someone that could out eat me at breakfast., But you did, you got me by and egg and a piece of toast, though I do like my potatos a little less brown. LMAO we would be a killer team at local dinner I have breakfast at from time to time. Take care and have a great day, Bill


    • The only reason I didn’t have toast was that I ran out of bread! LOL. You know those Fisherman Breakfasts – that’s me! It had to be four eggs because the size of the skillet I cooked the hash browns in was LARGE and I wanted the yolk all over ’em. Grin. Even I thought I was crazy as I was cracking the eggs. I ate every bit of it though.

      I’ve tried in the past both homemade and market products and always have come away disappointed that they didn’t taste as good as a fry cook’s diner. I finally found a good product from Costco for hash browns – if I hadn’t watched a demonstration and then tasted it, I wouldn’t have ventured it. Golden Grill Russet Hashbrown Potatoes:

      You take one of those little cartons – open it, fill it with hot water for 12 minutes, use as much as you need in a medium high heated skillet with 2 tbl of oil (I use more) and let it cook for four minutes – for more crispy – flip it and cook a couple of minutes more. Store the rest. Oh! So good. And it was $6.99 for 8 cartons! Phew! Hard to beat .87 cents – and no guilt if I don’t cook up the whole carton! hahahaha


  3. It sounds like you & I like our hash browns the same way – with lots of egg yolk! I like my eggs sunny side, so I smash my yolk then drag my hash browns into the yolk until all the hash browns soak up the wonderful yolk.
    I love to eat breakfast for dinner too!


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