20 thoughts on “A Dog’s Day ~ What Joy Sounds Like

  1. WONDERFUL, Huntie ! – I wonder why he barks all the time … Probably just an expression of enjoyment, eh ? – ’cause he’s having the time of his life !!! πŸ™‚


  2. Hunt, what a happy video, I smiled throughout the entire thing, and I was giggling like the folks in the background. This one shows you that the inside kid never really goes away even with animals. The longer he played the more he was enjoying it. Now I bet they have a hell of a time keeping him out. Thanks so very much, take care, Bill


    • Ah, very good point, Bill about keeping the dog out, but initially, the owner had to lift him up onto the trampoline, so more likely they’re hearing about his desire! I don’t think Ella, the Greythound, would appreciate a trampoline, whereas Elby, That Cat! would have just jumped up and chewed on the net….


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