Uh oh…. I am in SO MUCH TROUBLE…

I missed National Dog Day. Gulp. Do you think Ella knows?


She does sort of stand out, doesn’t she? Grin. This photo and day with the dogs was courtesy of Maggie, who frequents this site, bless her greyhound loving heart! Psst – Ella is the blonde, though that color is called “fawn.”

16 thoughts on “Uh oh…. I am in SO MUCH TROUBLE…

    • Oh, Benze, they take turns – they look like they’ll nap for an hour, but as soon as Maggie stands, everybody stands, stretches and follows her wherever she goes… It’s like a small herd of ponies!


  1. Hunt, You may have escaped this time, but I wouldn’t make it a habit. I know and even more importantly Ella for sure knows you love her, and that your forgetting wasn’t intentional. She looks so regal, with so much class sitting there proudly. Take care, Bill


  2. I knew you’d like that picture. πŸ™‚
    There is an empty dog bed in the upper right, so no one had to share, but it is a greyhound trait that they often share a bed and leave several empty. They were raised with *many* of their own kind, and so are very social.


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