Fall knocks slowly: In Memoriam, Bill H. and Sean

Kanzen, you honor and pay tribute with such grace to two good men, Bill and Sean. Thank you. I shall be forwarding to my family and Sean’s Friends. Thank you. Love Huntie

kanzen sakura

Note: multiple tanka to make one poem

Bill Hamilton, a wonderful man full of bravery and love, passed away this week.  He did a blog on coping with COPD.  He fought the good fight, he ran the race with dignity and bravery and humor.

Sean also passed this week.  A sweet Irish soul who deeply loved his family and friends.  He’s gone home.  OOOOOOOOOOOORAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Fall Knocks Slowly
Fall knocks slowly at
Summer’s door: an old friend with
Shyness at returning and
Maybe told to leave.

Leaves turn yellow and
Slowly drop on green grass and
Turn brown to be swept away
By summer’s breezes.

Breezes once warm start
To be chill at evening
And daylight’s gold faster fades
To early ev’ning.

Ev’ning comes too soon
For those of us who love the
Sweet warm days and azure skies
But summer opens

The door to fall and
The visitor glides in and

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6 thoughts on “Fall knocks slowly: In Memoriam, Bill H. and Sean

  1. Huntie – Last week was one tough week and I’m still reeling from everything that occurred in our worlds. Life is supposed to go on but it’s never the same. I started my life with six big brothers and now I have two. This continues to be a haunting mystery for the only girl and youngest child like me that’s supposed to be strong and have it all put together.
    Could we all get together and make mud pies? You bring the whip cream (I have the mixer, etc) and I’ll provide mountains of light cool whip. If nothing else, we can throw the whip cream/cool whip at each other. The mud pies would be far too special to throw about.


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