Anybody watching tonight’s National Address by President Obama?

I gotta tell you, I am seething about our position in the world today brought about by the last six years of President Obama’s leadership or lack thereof, depending on your view or the latest approval poll of the President’s job rating. Depending on the group conducting the poll, Rasmussen shows 47% approve, 51% disapprove; Wall Street Journal shows 40% approval, while two-thirds are in favor of the United States using military action against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq & Syria) or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) OR, as they insist on their new name, Islamic State (Caliphate). Period. The Washington Post poll shows Presidential approval rated at 42% vs. 51% disapprove; while his handling of international affairs…. 38% approval vs. 56% disapprove.

I emphasize and cite these polls because, like a weather vane or President Obama reading his teleprompter as though he’s watching a fierce game of ping pong, it’s quite clear that the President is highly influenced by these polls – in between golfing and fundraising. Am I mad? You bet I am. President Obama draws lines in the sand, red lines, that have zip credibility as they come and go without any meaning or consequence. President Obama has insulted our allies and apologized to our enemies for what used to be a magnificent country willing to lead where others waited for the United Nations to do something, anything. That same body who cannot even come up with a definition for “Terrorism.” One man’s terrorist is another man’s revolutionary – a very 20th century concept. Yo! We are now in the 21st Century and ISIS, Hamas, name your favorite terrorist group is in full swing and acting in the vacuum left by our pullback from the world’s stage. And, I haven’t even discussed Vladamir Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine on his way to having a warm-water port in a direct line from Russia’s landlocked areas to Ukraine’s warm waters.

It’s a beautiful set up tonight – this National Address by the President of the United States. Saturday night, the speech was just going to be an afternoon speech. However, so much “positive” press from being on a Sunday news talk show caused the speech to be moved to prime time. I did my Master’s thesis on the use of propaganda in wartime, specifically as it was used in Iraq. The quickest way to take a country down from within is to cause the people to distrust their government. Period. Every single scandal from Bengazi in Libya and the murder of an American Ambassador and three others blamed on a unknown video causing Muslim distress… to the IRS targeting Conservative political groups to the launching of Obamacare and its subsequent limpid, inaccessibility, and huge increase in premiums, to the Veterans Administration failing our veterans to the Justice Department picking and choosing when to enforce the law, to our borders being overrun, to the NSA listening and tapping in on everyone’s phone and email to Department of Defense giving pink slips out to the men and women currently serving while they are taking fire…

Tomorrow is September 11, 2014. Raise your hand if you think that’s important to our enemies? Anybody paying attention?

7 thoughts on “Anybody watching tonight’s National Address by President Obama?

  1. If I lived on your side of the border, this post would most definitely hit a nerve, or at least hit something. Quite a state of affairs by all you mention.
    On our side, the government does what it wants. I’m not political, but it seems to me–to borrow a cliche–we’re ALL going to hell. Too many hots spots in too many places, all at the same time. This does worry me.

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  2. You’re spot on, Huntie. I will go so far to say the complete decline and total destruction of what once presented as a sound nation started with our invasion of Iraq. We’ve continued on a steep decline since that time. It’s hard to have a powerful nation when we can’t trust our leaders. Obama has become a dictator and taken Executive Order far beyond its intended purpose.


    • Sheri, you and I may go back and forth on when we began to decline and suck the strength, perseverance, hope and joy out of the American people. I think it began much sooner with something so minor as take pride in your roots, but taking it to a new level where you no longer just say I am American – no, now we have hyphenated identity – and if you don’t keep up and use an outdated one – whew – people will shout you down…. From there, we went to pop social psychology where every type of gender, group, victim and aggressor chose their identities and the divisions between us all grew wider and wider.

      I am one of the few that understood the strategy of going into Iraq and endorsed it. But then, in short order, President Bush shifted the mission and the operations plan, by appointing someone else to the task of mopping up Iraq and from there it went very wrong and downhill.

      In saying that, I will also acknowledge I have no military experience, other than the men in my family and my friends, men and women who have and are serving. Everyone of them doesn’t want another drop of American blood spilled and wasted in Iraq, Afghanistan or the Middle East.

      Talking heads both decry and defend President Obama’s use of Executive Orders – one side says he has exceeded his legal authority and the others shout that previous Presidents passed far more Executive Orders than Obama has. An astounding assertion – as if the number of Executive Orders means anything. It is the content of the Orders themselves, not the number! The President has flagrantly flouted our Constitution and our laws in pursuit of his own agenda.


  3. The thing that worries me most is nearly half the country approves of what is happening and believes the destruction of a useful and strong society is an indication of good leadership.


    • The thing about polls, WN, is they add together those that strongly approve and those who just approve, so the numbers look large on the surface – you always kind of have to dig into them a bit (both for approval and disapproval). And whether it was targeted at Likely Voters or general population. Nonetheless, I just sigh right along with you.

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