Be aware! If you embrace this new policy of President Obama, there will be collateral damage.

As the drums and rhetoric mounts, the American public and politicians better fully understand that there will be bystanders killed – hospitals, mosques, wedding parties, etc. It is the terrorists way. Knowing our rules of war, they shelter deliberately with civilians, hiding their weapons in hospitals, UN schools, apartments, tunnels, etc. We are at war with barbarians out of 7th Century mindset. Secretary Kerry’s nuance notwithstanding, “We are not at war. This is a counterterrorism operation.”

My point? When you let loose the dogs of war, you go to the enemy and you kill them wherever they are. There will be collateral damage. There will be bystanders killed. Understand that as you embrace this. Understand it clearly. Do not cry foul! when shit happens.

9 thoughts on “Be aware! If you embrace this new policy of President Obama, there will be collateral damage.

    • Tess, that tactic of hiding amongst civilians is a fact – and distinguishes terrorists from a military sworn to protect their populations. As to the “we-are-not-at-war machine” caring…? Since 2002, they’ve been programmed to hate Bush, his Administration, and the good war was in Afghanistan and the bad war was in Iraq. Obama led that or voted present and insisted we would be out of Iraq – he has to walk that back now just before our mid-term elections, which could change the balance of our Congressional House and Senate – a very big deal here in government. The gathering dissatisfaction with the foreign policy – personified by videos of the reporters being beheaded; the economy, jobs, healthcare, the scandals in every major department of the U.S. government may result in the Republicans holding the House and taking the Senate (currently the Democrats hold the Senate majority). That will be a major shift in our politics.


  1. Our leadership is deluded with their own campaign approach to decision making. There will be collateral damage and very little achieved in terms of even the most modest of objectives.


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