Food, Glorious Food ~ Nothing is better….

First one was on the importance of water; this one on the need for food.

Chasing Rabbit Holes

Second article in a series of being prepared for an emergency. First, you’ve got to have water, next, you’ve got to have food. But what kind of food? How much food? Well, how long of an emergency are you preparing for? A couple of days, a week, six months? We used to talk about a 72 hour kit. Nowadays, wisdom leans towards a week to two weeks. Why? Because as much as we have the government to love, care and protect us, if you are depending on the government to look after you in an emergency, you just simply have not been paying attention.

If you are lucky, it will only be the electricity going out temporarily due to a storm, or some idiot hitting your power lines. But, what if it is not that simple? What if we have a Hurricane Katrina or Storm Sandy or a tornado…

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